STAFF MEETING: We Can All Learn from Ms. LeSage

Melayna Elkins, Staff Writer

During the times of covid it can be hard to stay cheerful and always see the best in Everything. Well for Ms.LeSage she makes it look so easy and she sees how everyone can be an artist.

“Art is everywhere whether we realize it or not.  Artists who are considered skilled or “talented” didn’t just become amazing artists overnight or because they were born that way.  Every artist has to go through extensive processes of trial and error to learn best or effective practices.  

I hate the word “talented” because it completely disregards the amount of time and effort spent refining skills.  People crave Art, that’s why they’re so sensitive about it; they want it in their lives without having to deal with being judged by others. 

My main goal is to help students find what they love about Art and chase it, and to carve out time and space to create during their busy schedules.  Who cares if someone doesn’t like what you’ve created?  Just enjoy the process, and if you like the end product that’s just icing on the cake. 

If you don’t like your end product, try again to improve or try something new!” LeSage told Frederick scout.  


Well you might be wondering what inspires her  “I find inspiration everywhere.” LeSage says “I love everything about the planet and think everything has beauty!  I  have yet to find anything that doesn’t interest me.” 


LeSage has such passion for what she does and she has such dedication  towards her work and her students. Every student can learn from Lesage but the most important thing she wants her students to learn is art is for everyone.

“I truly believe it is essential to our existence as human beings.  Art helps us communicate, it helps us remember the past, it helps us relieve stress and can improve mental health, it encourages us to ask questions and to see things from new perspectives…it is all of the things!

  The only thing that separates “artists” from “non-artists” is the label.  But here’s the secret to breaking down that barrier: “Artists” continually create, and they don’t let their creations define who they are as people.  “Non-artists” make a mistake or make an artwork they’re not proud of, and make the incorrect assumption that they aren’t good enough, which usually squashes their motivation to create. 

If we could just get more people to leave the old way of thinking behind (that Art is only Art if someone says it’s good enough) and encourage people to see that Art is just as much about the process of creating as it is about the end product, I think people would be more open-minded to taking risks and learning new artistic processes!.” LeSage told Frederick scout.


We can all learn things from Mrs.Lesage from how it’s ok to fail but we need to try again.  Nothing happens over night we just need to get back up and try again. We can all be artists but it’s ok for our version of artistry to not be the same as others.

Even though some of us only take art cause it’s a graduation requirement, We should all take LeSages class to learn it’s ok to be different then others and have a different perspective than others. In her class we as students are taught that there is no such thing as artists and non-artists. There are just people who don’t want to take the time. Thank you for everything you do Ms.LeSage we can all learn a great deal from you