STAFF MEETING: Mrs. Quinlan Drives To Be The Best Teacher She Can


Courtesy of Mrs. Quinlan’s Mother

Mrs. Quinlan is a hardworking and driven teacher at Fredrick High School.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

  Mrs. Quinlan is one of the freshman biology teachers, who also happens to be new to Frederick this year as well. Quinlan also teaches honor biology as well as PTECH biology, which are all freshman classes. Teaching is something that obviously is hard for a lot of people but Mrs. Quinlan sure makes it look easy. At the beginning of this school year I knew that a lot of teachers and students were struggling with the change but Mrs.Quinlan made the class feel comfortable and welcome. She constantly told us that she will always be open and available to talk to, which I know helped a lot of students especially as freshmen being new to the school and everything.

  After being asked about what keeps her going when teaching Mrs. Quinlan said, “l personally like learning, so I want to continue my learning as well as help students learn as well. Teaching for me is fun, and I really enjoy doing it. I love when a student learns a new topic and is interested in it. I love working with students, and although it can be challenging at times, I think it is super rewarding.” Quinlan constantly shows her love and passion for teaching in every class she teaches. She makes sure that her students understand the topics and make sure they are comfortable with what we’re learning about while constantly showing support and help if needed from her. 

  “Has teaching always been a goal of yours?”

“Teaching has not always been a goal of mine. When I was in high school, I was really interested in going into a medical profession. Teaching however was something that was always on the back of my mind of something I wanted to do. Now, teaching is a goal of mine, and I aspire to always continue my education and learning so that I can be the best teacher.” Quinlan said.

  Mrs. Quinlan is succeeding at her goal of being one of the best teachers because she brings tons of joy and fun to the classroom. There is constant fun and laughs going on inside of the classroom are something that a lot of teachers can’t do so easily. 

  “What are the benefits in your opinion of teaching?”

  “I think the benefits of teaching is the ability to have fun while working. I think science is super fun, so I think that allows me to do a lot of activities that can be hands-on and fun to do. Plus, I get to interact with students and get to know them and have conversations with them. Part of my job is to ensure that students receive the best education possible from me so that they can go on and do great things with their lives, and knowing I can help do that is just an awesome feeling! Although it can be a lot of work throughout the school year, it is really nice to have summer break as well as breaks throughout the year as well to take time to relax or learn something new, or just be productive.” Quinlan stated.

 Having fun while doing your job seems to be everyone’s goal when getting hired. But it’s hard to find a passion that you can fall in love with and make your own. For Mrs. Quinlan seems to come naturally to her even though it was not her initial passion. 

  “What are some hardships of teaching?”

  “Some of the hardships of teaching are not being able to help students succeed in my class. My goal is to always have students succeed in my class and learn, so when students don’t do well or don’t pass the class, it makes me feel like I didn’t do my job as a teacher. Therefore it is hard for me to see students be unsuccessful, and that is probably one of the hardest things. Also, with the situation right now with online teaching, you never know what to expect, and it can be difficult to adapt to whatever style of teaching we need to do, and adapt the lesson to fit.”

  This year has been hard for everyone, especially teachers. The lack of communication and participation is something that a lot of teachers fear. But when teachers see their students scced I know they are beyond happy and grateful. 

  Overall Mrs. Quinlan is a hard working teacher. She makes sure that everything in her classroom is going perfectly. Communication is a big aspect for a lot of teachers this year and Mrs. Quinlan uses her voice to help and drive us to be better and to work better. I don’t think I have seen a more hardworking and passionate teacher like Mrs. Quinlan.