Get Your Thrift On!

Here’s our best tips on where to go and how to thrift

Chandler Hoel, Staff Writer

     As a teen, shopping is one of the many things I find joy in. I think we all can agree that shopping is fun and a nice way to make a small change for yourself, whether it be a new wardrobe or just a new sweater. It’s exciting to treat yourself, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive. The past couple of years, thrifting has become one of the most popular ways to buy clothes. In a thrift store, you can find things that you’ll never see in a chain store like American Eagle, and things that you’ll never be able to find again. Each experience in a thrift store is unique to the last.

     Personally, I think thrifting is the best way to find clothes. Before I started thrifting, I was spending over $100 on just a few things in the mall, now I can buy twice the amount of stuff for only $20. You see, thrifting not only saves money, it saves the environment as well. By reusing the clothes you see in the thrift store and by donating clothes you don’t want anymore, you’re saving thousands of pounds of fabric and plastic. Every year, approximately 17 million tons of textiles are produced, 85% of which are thrown away to be dumped into landfill or burned. This is not sustainable, and by thrifting you’re not only improving your sense of style, but also your carbon footprint. 

     Around us there are many great thrift stores that I visit again and again to get the contents of my closet, here are my reviews on some of my favorites,


Arc Thrift Store in Longmont:

This store is relatively new, I think it opened up just a couple years ago. I first went when it first opened, and obviously was not impressed since there weren’t a lot of products. But recently I went in and was very pleased with the selection they now have. They have everything I could ever want now, I was almost overwhelmed with all of the things I wanted to buy, but couldn’t. The prices are a bit higher than say, the Goodwill on Main St., but nevertheless probably three times lower than I would pay to buy one pair of jeans at PacSun. Last time I went, I walked out with five items, which cost me probably $20. I give Arc an 9 out of 10 just because I love it, but the workers there are kind of rude.


Goodwill on Main St.

This one is probably one that most of you know about. They have an okay selection, but I never really seem to find anything I can’t live without. Prices are really cheap, though, and if you like what they have you will be able to buy quite a few things. Although this is true, their target audience is not exactly fashionable teens, most of their clothes go to people who need it, like most of the other places. So, I like to recommend this store if you’re looking to donate somewhere close and simple. The donation process is really easy and not time consuming at all, so if you have some clothes you don’t want anymore, donate them to this Goodwill. I give this store a 7 out of 10 because I don’t like the selection and it smells like yeast in there.


Mile High Thrift Store

This is one of the biggest thrift stores I’ve ever been in, with one of the most diverse and interesting varieties of clothes I’ve ever seen. If you want something, you’ll most likely find it at Mile High. I don’t think they take cash, and if something you want doesn’t have a tag, then they can’t sell it to you. It’s also located in Northglenn so it’s kind of a far drive, but it’s worth it. I give it a 9 out of 10, it would get a perfect ten if they took cash and were closer. 


These three stores are the ones I visit most frequently, and every time I’m surprised with what they have. Here are a few tips when going thrifting that should help you have the best experience:


Never go in wanting to find something specific: 

The chances of you finding it are very slim. If you do, great! If you don’t, great! Find other things. 


Look through everything:

Nothing you find is going to be out in the open. Everything in the store is different and can’t be found anywhere else. So look through everything to find something you like. You can go through five crappy shirts and find one that you love. It’s all about the search, so take your time. 


Bring a friend

Because everything is better when done with someone else, and it’s nice to have their opinion on something you’re not sure about.


Go by yourself:

This way you can look through everything at your own pace and focus more. Then you’re also forced to make your own decisions on what you should get, and no one can tell you if something you like is ugly and you shouldn’t get it. Which, by the way, if you like something that seems like something you would never wear, just buy it. If you hate it or never wear it, then re donate it, no biggy. Besides, you probably only spent $3 on it anyways. 


Now that you know the ropes, you are ready for a successful life in saving money and the environment. Thrifting is cool, and everyone should do it at least once. You never know what you’ll find, and chances are you’ll never find the same things again. So take your time, and keep in mind that it’s finding cool pieces that’s important, not outfits. With every piece of clothing you find you can make three different outfits. So don’t always go in trying to find things that match, find things that you think are cool and can pair with things you already have. This is the cheapest and best way to expand your wardrobe and make it more interesting. Now go have fun and thrift your little heart out.