Softball recruiting process


Melayna Elkins

Photo taken at metro state softball field

Melayna Elkins, Staff Writer

If you play a sport all you’ve been hearing since you have been 10 years old its all about recruiting. Getting good grades, looking at top schools, and putting hours and hours of practice in. yes it might be the same in every sport but the only sport i can tell you how the recruiting process works is softball.


 So you see that since I was 10 years old in my first year of competitive softball it was a huge eye opener for me. Everything was so much more intense well mid way through the season the coaches asked us to compile a list of colleges and universities. 


If I’m being honest at 10 years old I wasn’t even thinking about what I wanted to do with my life let alone what college I wanted to go to. I thought i was crazy when i was 10 but now being 16 the pressure is more than you could ever imagine.


 You have to meet with special recruiting agency’s build a profile and come up with lists and states of where you want to go. Now you have to go to showcases in other states and get lots of expalution. It scares me to no end about getting recruited but i know i’m not the only athlete that feels that way. 


We even see articles about 14 year olds getting recruited, yes 14 year olds. Now yes it’s true that only 10% of kids get recruited out of colorado but i believe we can make that number go up. We all freak out cause no one really comes to colorado most of the time they are recruited from california, Arizona, Washington, or Texas. But you see the trick is to make them notice you. 


You can email the colleges you are interested in or even send them your skills video. Whatever dream you want to accomplish you can do just go for it that way you can say that you’ve tried.