Winter Fashion Coming In Hot


Lena Siscoe

Winter Fashion Trends

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer

Winter is just around the corner and new styles for this snowy season are coming in hot. The pandemic has given us a renewed perspective on fashion’s relentless pace, as countless “quarantine looks” were posted on social media in the last few months. While many fashion lines were forced to stall production on their autumn/winter 2020 collections, phenomenal creativity rose. Take a look at some of the new trends that will be melting your flurrying mind this winter.

Being confined to your home, you can expect serious creativity with the 2020 season’s new trends, everything from Balloon Sleeves, Patterned Skirts, Off-White, Gold, Patchwork, Fringe, Bright Color Suits, Leather Coats, Natural Tones, Tiger Prints, and much more. Fashion is a quickly changing trend and there is a new style to see almost every other day! To slay your fashion game and appear trendy all year round, you need to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Staying up-to-date with fashion trends can be overwhelming. This is a reason why people often give up on their fashion because they cannot keep up with trends. Even if your fashion game isn’t up to date, find ways to make your style uniquely you! Aesthetics can be a big part of fashion trends such as Vintage fashion styles, Artsy fashion, Casual fashion, Grunge style clothing, Chic fashion, Bohemian fashion, Sexy fashion, and Exotic fashion styles. Places like Pinterest can help you build inspiration for fashion aesthetics you might want to try.