Should 16 be the new voting age?

Rumor has it they want to change the voting age to 16 but are they ready for 16 year olds to be considered adults?


Getty Images: Justin Merriman

The motion to make the legal voting age isn’t really the best idea in my opinion. But others could disagree with me.

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

     Many sources say that they’re thinking about changing the voting age to 16. Should this happen? In my opinion this shouldn’t happen. If we change the voting age to 16 that means that 16 year olds would be considered adults meaning that they should have all of the adult responsibilities. 

      If a 16 year old could vote then they should be able to be charged as an adult in the criminal field. This is because once someone becomes the age of an “adult” they can get charged as an adult. I think that 16 years olds would be happy to vote but they wouldn’t like being considered an adult in the criminal field. Many 16 year olds mess up. That’s what they do, they’re kids meaning they can get charged but not as harsh as an adult would.

One argument is that if they are considered an adult they should be able to drink. The drinking age currently is 21 meaning someone who is of age to vote can’t even drink. Many people believe that the drinking age should be lowered due to the fact that you are considered an adult.

The main reason that the voting age is 18 is because 18 year olds can move out and make adult decisions like who they would like to vote for. So in my opinion voting at 16 years old you shouldn’t be allowed to vote because you aren’t considered an adult.