The Scout’s Guide to Winter Driving

Our tips to avoid crazy driving amid crazy weather

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Around two weeks ago, we had our first snowfall of the fall season. Because of this the roads in Weld County were extremely icy. Because of snowy conditions in the United States we have an annual of 536,731 car crashes. Because of our small town and the amount of high school students we have, it is important to understand how to handle driving in snowy and icy conditions for the safety of our town.

1.Be Calm When it Skids
At some point during your commute, you will probably start to skid or slide. When this happens, don’t panic or aggressively turn the wheel as your first instinct, calmly press down on the gas to regain control and slowly but surely turn the wheel in the direction you want to go, only use this method when you believe it’s your front wheels that have lost traction.

 If your back wheels lose traction, then it’s important to quickly and somewhat aggressively turn the wheel in the same direction that your back tires are sliding. This will line up the rest of the car with the back tires, as opposed to the car turning sideways and causing even more sliding.

2.Purchase Winter Tires

 Winter tires are essential if you live in an area with extreme winter weather conditions. Winter tires obviously provide traction to the snow and therefore allow you to be less likely that your car will slide. Individual winter tires can cost anywhere from $50-100. While this is an expensive purchase, it is a great investment to keep you and your vehicle safe.

3.Look Ahead

 While driving in harsh conditions, it’s important to look past what’s right in front of you and focus on the upcoming icy roads and slush. You should always be paying attention while driving, but during winter it is extremely important. You have to be able to locate a possible hazard and take safe precautions to try and avoid it. Make sure to allow lots of distance between you and other vehicles because you never know when somebody will slide or stop.

In conclusion, winter is obviously going to be an extremely dangerous time for commutes, but there are many simple tricks and tactics that you could use to try and avoid any sort of accidents or hazards. Stay safe!