21st Century Has Changed Bullying Forever


Credit:George Murnock

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

     Cyberbullying seems like the new normal for high school and middle school students. Thanks to the 21st century devices it has become something that appears everyday. Many students bring it upon themselves by using social media filters to help anonymous viewers to respond that leads to cyber-bullying.


     One app that cyberbullying happens a lot is Snapchat. Snapchat has been around for nearly 10 years and has only gotten worse. One filter that they use is called YOLO. YOLO makes it so you can send anonymous messages to other users. You must be friends with the Snapchat user that put it out there. There has been no stop to this Snapchat filter because they put it on themselves. 


     Another app that shows cyberbullying is Instagram. Instagram only shows posts with people that you follow this means that if you post something that is a part of the cyberbullying the person being targeted most likely won’t see it. This is showing that happens a lot due to the fact that you can make your account private.


Facebook usually draws an audience of Middle Ages adults. Therefore the most cyberbullying happening tends to be during the months of the election. Adults are ruthless when it comes to defending their candidate. You may think that because they didn’t grow up in the 21st century that they would be the ones not cyberbullying but unfortunately they are apart of the cyberbullying group.


     Many apps can cause cyberbullying and can hide cyberbullying. As of now it doesn’t seem like Snapchat or Instagram is going to do anything to stop the cyberbullying. If they take one step to prevent all the private and anonymous things it would solve many problems with middle and high schools today.