ROLE MODEL Shows His New Idealistic Approach To Songwriting

Our Little Angel is a new EP that is full of entertaining music that will keep you happy and dancing throughout the whole thing.



ROLE MODELS new EP cover for his new “our little angle”

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Tucker Pillsbury or more well known by the name of ROLE MODEL released his third EP Our Little Angel and it doesn’t disappoint. ROLE MODEL released six tracks full of lots of energy and instrumentals that are extremely positive and fun. ROLE MODEL has a small platform so some may have never heard of him some may not because he’s still building his name. Over the span of three or so years that he’s started releasing music he has made an impression. There’s no doubt that sometime soon he will break through and become something big. Our Little Angel is an EP that is calming but also the type of music that makes you want to listen to while jumping around and dancing.

ROLE MODEL begins the EP with the track “alive” the track is about how people can put you down and make you feel like trash but once you realize nobody’s opinion matters but yours you feel a sort of light which makes you feel alive.“Alive” shows that you just need to look for a brighter outlook in life. The EP’s next two tracks that follow are full of confidence and words conveying his newfound independence. Once you get to the track “do you see it” the tone changes to imagining life with someone and fantasizing about what you could have with someone and what you want to make out of it in the future.

 The following track “going out” starts with a rapping tone instead of jumping straight into the song. The lyrics in the article say “just act ok and play along” which shows that sometimes that one person can disappoint and it can ruin your mood and mindset. ROLE MODEL ends his EP with his final track “better the first time”. The song talks about how it was better the first time around with someone and the second time around is always messy. ROLE MODEL shows that it stinks a lot of the time when you love someone so much and it doesn’t work out so you decide to try again but then it becomes toxic.

Conclusively, ROLE MODEL has made a huge impression from his past music which was all heavy handed and the good type of music to drown your tears in but his change of tone is just as good. Our Little Angel shows ROLE MODEL’s progression from the past and his elevation to life that he’s decided to look at. His passion and talent for songwriting is beautiful and something that’s hard to have especially with many people who are in the music industry. ROLE MODEL has never released anything less than what he has to offer. Take my word for it and go listen to ROLE MODELS new EP Our Little Angel. It’s an EP that I would highly recommend.