When it’s All Said and Sung

Giveon’s latest EP is not a surprise to fans yet his R&B vibes keep the fans content with his music.


Source: albumofyear.org

Giveon’s new EP cover for “When It’s All Said And Done”

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Giveon’s second hit of 2020 When It’s All Said And Done struck fans with an amazing rhythm and lyrics that once again pleased fans. The EP was not a surprising one to fans yet it had them excited as could be when Giveon announced that he was releasing another EP. His R&B and soul beats give us a sense of being able to relax for a minute because as we’ve seen, this year we’re not able to do that much but he certainly has been up to a lot. In March of 2020, he released his album Take Time, and now this EP which was released on October 9. Giveon seems to be a different breed being able to release two big things in eight months, especially during a global pandemic. 

 This EP is the phases of heartbreak and emotional phases of pain and love.“ I want to be one of those artists who are openly honest and vulnerable. Being a savage person comes easy to some, but deep down I’m just not that type of dude. I’m out here mourning and heartbroken like the rest of us.” Giveon said in an interview about When It’s All Said And Done. From the hard beat to the piano and the guitar mixed with the vocals, this EP is just simply gorgeous. 

Giveon starts the EP with the track When It’s All Said And Done that has a continuous vibe of frustration and toxicity, showing that breakups are hard a lot of the time and sometimes they don’t always go as planned. The song has a bitterness to it that helps to show that breakups are a hard transition to go through. The next track Still Your Best has a similar mood of frustration in a breakup sense, Giveon’s trying to say that you basically won’t get anyone better than him. 

Giveon’s third track of the EP Last Time featuring Snoh Aalegra is more of a realization track. His lyrics show that sometimes you have to realize it’s toxic with that certain person even if it’s the last time you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do. It shows that the relationship needs to stop and that you know it should and needs to stop. Giveon’s last track Stuck On You was a perfect way to end the EP. Stuck On You shows that the flow of emotions you feel about someone is something you have to express whether it’s good or bad for you. You just need to have a sense of exception.

 “These songs are about situations that happened six to eight years ago, so it’s a form of therapy to finally get it off my chest after all this time,” Giveon said in an Interview about The EP.

Overall this EP is really good for self-fulfillment, love, and acceptance. If you need a boost of acceptance, self-realization, or confidence post break up but you don’t want to talk to anyone about it then this EP is for you. I loved this EP and I loved how the tracks were set to place it in the form of a storyline. If you’re a fan of chill and heart-wrenching music then Giveon’s EP When It’s All Said and Done is perfect for you.