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Anxious People cover. Book by: Fredrik Backman. Hardcover, 352 pages.

Kylie Rusco, Staff Writer

Anxious people by Fredrik Backman Being kind is always something the world struggles with because of societal norms and the judgment you receive if you are different. This book was instantly a #1 best seller because of its interesting storyline and it’s intention to make you think and feel your emotions. A story of real life issues that make you think about how to be a better person. Fredrik Backman is a Swedish writer, his debut was his book called A Man Called Ove in 2012. Later on it was produced into a movie with the same title in December of 2015. He was first a columnist/writer for Helsingborgs Dagblad then became a novelist. Anxious people was immediately a hit around the world.

Now more than ever people need a distraction from life and this book made you forget your life for 352 pages and dive into someone else’s. A story with funny, serious, and emotional sections all packed into one book. Sweden is a beautiful place until you notice a mysterious figure in a mask walking up to your local bank. Hours later this crime turned into a very large hostage situation with many people involved. Will this community come together to stop this unusual act, or will they become divided? As this threat became more and more extensive the community involved started to unravel a deeper meaning. The masked man wasn’t just committing crime because he was crazy or because he wanted to go on a killing spree but that he may have an underlying issue.

All and all a great read to feel a sense of community and take you for a ride through your emotions. A book about one story but in the end telling another story. Now with the world changing mental health is at a low, this read helps you realize that it’s not just you and everyone struggles. With the tile of Amazon Editors pick for “Best Of September” and the reviews agree. Typically books have low points or parts that are hard to get through but Anxious People was not one of those novels. I had a great time reading this novel and diving into a more intensive story about what the cover holds. Open your mind as you read this bestseller by Fredrik Backman.