Hubie Halloween Does the Trick, Treats with Humor

Adam Sandler’s newest movie Hubie Halloween is a fun family friendly comedy that will bring you lots of laughs on Halloween Night



Netflix new original film Hubie Halloween is a fun film that you need to watch.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Adam Sandler’s newest movie Hubie Halloween hit Netflix’s platform on October 7. Bringing lots of goods, tricks, and treats for the viewers, this Halloween Sandler’s newest movie brought so much joy and laughter to comedy fans. Hubie Halloween is a hilarious and fun film although some spots were pretty cheesy. The main character Hubie Dubois played by Adam Sandler is the one character who like always never fails to make you laugh. Sandler’s newest film is a film that is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a good laugh or is even just looking for a good movie for family night. 

The film follows Sandler’s character Hubie Dubois around as he plays the role of a type of man child who has a kind heart and is generous all at the same time. The movie takes place in the small town of Salem Massachusettes where Hubie has lived since he was born. Hubie was always from not only by kids but also by his fellow high school peers. Hubie loves the Halloween season and is known to decorate his yard and house until he drops, he is also a person who is a devoted volunteer for his community although he gets treated unfairly by everyone. Although Hubie is the main victim of the meanest pranks he still always finds a way to stay positive and keep his head up.

One thing that Hubie always does is volunteer as a Halloween motor to make sure that kids are staying safe throughout Halloween night. However, this year is different. This year Hubie finds himself at a high school Halloween party and is tricked into thinking that there is a lost kid in the corn maze. Luckily two highschool students were nice enough to go out and try to find the missing kid while telling Hubie that he was being tricked. Throughout the rest of the movie, lots of tricks are played on Hubie and multiple people disappear leaving Hubie up to trying to solve all of the problems that he encounters. 

This film is something fun to watch with the family. Especially because a lot of the cast is everybody’s favorite characters from Disney TV shows who are all grown up now which makes it fun for kids who grew up watching them see how they’ve evolved. The real star of the movie is of course Hubie Dubois. Just like most of Adam Sandler’s movies he brings along his co-stars that he loves to have in all of his movies. The best part of the movie is the fact that it’s dedicated to lost too soon Disney star Cameron Boyce who was very close to Adam Sandler as he starred as Sandler’s son in the famous movie Grown Ups 1 &2

Hubie Halloween is a must watch to add to your Halloween movie collection. Sometimes you need a break from scary movies and you just need a funny comedy instead. This film came together perfectly between the funny scenes, the actors that came together, and the plain old good laughs. This movie was amazing. I would highly recommend Hubie Halloween for a good family movie night this month or even Halloween night. Grab your popcorn, candy, a nice drink, a ton of blankets, your family, and get in a good laugh from Hubie Halloween.