How to Wear a Facemask


Sarah Hayes

Many people are wearing masks wrong, here’s how to fix that.

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer

One of the most important things about keeping ourselves safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is to make sure that we are wearing facemasks and wearing them properly. This coincides with how to properly handle masks as well.

Wearing a mask properly no only keeps the wearer safe, but those around them as well. According to CDC guidelines, a properly worn mask is worn over the nose and then tucked under the chin. It is snug onto the sides of the face, but also not too tight as to restrict airflow.

Improper usage of a mask would include wearing it across one’s forehead or fully pulled under their chin. CDC guidelines also recommend not touching the mask, and if one does touch their mask then to not touch their face and wash their hands as soon as possible. The CDC also recommends not wearing masks with vents on them, because COVID-19 can still spread through the vents.

The CDC recommends that masks are worn in public settings or when you’re around people that you don’t live with to prevent contamination to you or your family members. So if you’re at school or work, then you’d need a mask. If you’re at home, then no mask is needed. However, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to dining out. When you’re at a restaurant, the right thing to do would be to wear your mask if you aren’t eating. This protects not only you but also those around you like the waitstaff and other customers.

Keeping each other safe is the most important thing that we can do during these times. By wearing masks and washing your hands, it’s a for sure way to avoid getting sick. So, follow the guidelines and keep yourself safe!

Wearing a mask properly is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (