Broncos Allowing Thousands Into Stadium

With thousands of Broncos fans being allowed into Mile High Stadium music fans are feeling very left out.

Collin Thompson, Staff Writer

The Broncos announced this week that they would be allowing up to 5,700 fans into the stadium for games later this year. This is about 7.5% of the total capacity.

For sports fans this is great news, as they will be able to enjoy watching their favorite team live and in-person. However, music fans are feeling a bit left behind and left out.

Music fans feel it is unfair that Red Rocks is capped at 175 people per an event. The fans feel like it should be opened up to at least as many people as Broncos games are allowed to have. However fans are willing to settle for less if it means they can still have the events that they love.

They argue that if sports fans can be at the games in person they should be able to watch music live as well. Red Rocks has applied for an extension on how many people they can have in the amphitheater. However nothing has been confirmed on that expansion yet. They’ve been pushing this for a while now, and fans and musicians have tried to make the best of the theater with what they were given. Performers like Nathaniel Rateliff had multiple performances at Red Rocks in order to have all of his fans be able to come out and see him.

However, their application is still being reviewed by Governor Polis, which fans find unfair as well. The application was submitted well over a week ago and the governor still has not responded. People feel this is unfair because he approved the Broncos application within 2 days. They feel that there is more of a demand for sports than there is  for music, which is just as if not more enjoyable. The amphitheater would be able to fit at least 2,000 and still be able to maintain social distancing and other safety guidelines needed. If they do not get the extension, there may be some lash back from music fans. As they become even more upset at how unfair and wrong this is.