The Chef’s Review: BBQ Edition

The Chefs Table BBQ is a new show that will make you hungry while you watch.



This show was great in all aspects and deserves to be given a try by those who haven’t watched it. It might make you a little hungry, but it’s all worth it.

Kylie Rusco, Staff Writer

The Chef’s Table makes you dive into the world of the best BBQ. The documentary came out on September 2nd, 2020. Although the show itself is about the art of BBQ, the show has a truly different meaning. With different artists in the BBQ world, each episode is dedicated to a different artist each with a fascinating and unique story. This series is a for sure watch series if you’re a person that loves food. It will make you hungry as heck but it will also inspire you and show you what can be done in the world of cooking. 

The first episode is a story about an incredibly strong woman named Tootsie Tomanetz. Tootsie is an 85-year-old widow who’s goal is to carry on her market even after the passing of her husband despite her age. She’s a woman that doesn’t let a person tell her what she can or cannot do. Snows BBQ in Kingston Texas holds a legacy to its name because of this Tootsie Tomanetz. Tootsie did not always want to be a barbecue artist, however, when her husband passed it inspired her to keep the opened up market that she and her husband had created. It was then that she realized how amazing being a barbecue artist could truly be. 

In episode two Australia gets in on the action of this documentary, Lennox Hastie is a true artist of barbecue. He found and created a love for the different aspects of artistry when it comes to BBQ through a unique technique of using fire. However, his technique doesn’t just consist of him using any regular old fire but instead, it consists of him only using woof fire to help him create all the amazing and mouth water dishes that he’s known for. His talent and unique ideas put together made the episode really cool and entertaining to watch.

In episode, three Rodney Scott is a man who’s able to accomplish his dream when no one else thought it was possible. Rodney had grown up always working at his family’s small-town BBQ shop in Hemingway, North Carolina but, he always wanted more for himself. After years of practice at his family’s shop, Rodney was able to create a name for himself through his cooking. He is now an award winner with a very popular business in Charleston, North Carolina. His story could definitely be seen as an inspiration. 

In the final episode, the show discusses the story of Rosalia Chay Chuc. Rosalia is a woman who along with how she cooks is also trying to save the Mayan culture. Throughout this episode, you’ll see many people can’t get enough of her. They always want more and one of the reasons behind it has to do with not only her cooking but her attitude and everyone’s experience throughout the whole process. 

This documentary pulls the audience into each story and enlightens them with what each artist went through. Before watching you may think how could something like this be interesting? The answer is simple, each story is different from the rest which is a key for the show because it makes the show feel like you are watching four different documentaries. The interviews in each episode provide most of the story but each episode also has a lot of amazing camera work. Along with that, each story is unique in every single way possible including what each artist discusses. Everyone just brings a different fun-filled aspect to the show that creates a feeling of home and warmth within your heart. 

Altogether I feel that this is a great watch if you want captivating stories that show you how much meaning is truly behind the art of barbecue. Each time you watch an episode you don’t feel bored or unsatisfied, you always want to know more. The Chefs Table BBQ is an amazing artsy, warming, and mouthwatering show that I highly recommend. If you are going to watch it make sure to grab a snack first though so that this way you can resolve some of that hunger that will come with the show.