Figuring out your senior quote and senior pictures!

If your struggling to find a senior quote here are a few good ideas to get your brain thinking.


Credit: ghufabulous

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Going about submitting a senior quote can be one of the silliest, yet stressful moments of graduating. The concept of a senior quote started in the early 1900s. Since then, graduating students have been creating and finding quotations that speak to themselves and they think that other people will enjoy hearing. Lots of students, however, get confused or overwhelmed when it comes to what quote they’re going to choose and how their quote will connect with someone else. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when choosing your senior quote. 

1. Find someone that inspires you.

 When choosing the perfect quote it’s ideal to quote someone who has had some sort of significant impact in your life. A lot of people usually choose an athlete or celebrity that they connect with. Most celebrities and athletes have a ton of quotes that can easily be found online. This is a great idea to consider if you’re struggling with finding the perfect quote.

2. Choose something funny.

 Another great suggestion if you’re still having a tough time with something that emotionally speaks to you, is to choose something funny! When being funny, you a lot of the time will have more people who will remember your quotation, plus it will make you stand out from the rest! For finding funny quotations I recommend using a lot of mainstream comedians like Kevin Hart, Dane Cook, etc.

3. Quote someone you know.

 One of the easiest ways to go about picking a senior quote is to just quote one of your friends or teachers. This a lot of the time also ends up being funny and unique. Think of something interesting and appropriate that your friend has said in class that could be relatable to your senior year or something that one of your teachers has said to you over the years. Using this idea can easily be one of the funniest ways to go about creating your senior quote.

Three easy ways to choose a senior quote. It may not be much but the ideas in themselves can be super helpful. Choosing a senior quote can be very challenging everyone goes through it during their senior year. Nobody really knows what there going to choose from the very start of their senior year. If they do then there’s a good chance that it may end up changing throughout the few months they have to decide. All in all, picking your senior quote has to be something that you do. Your quote has to stick and connect to you and you as a senior need to be ok with it. Nobody else can tell you what to choose but they can try to help you come up with an idea.

How to Submit!

                Each school has their own different method for submitting senior quotes and senior pictures. As far as Frederick High School goes, you need to go onto the Frederick High School website and click the icon that says “Yearbook” there it should give you options for submitting your senior pictures and submitting your senior quote, both of these are required to be submitted by November 1st!