Spooky Season At Its Best

This Halloween season can’t be brought down by COVID-19


Chandler Hoel

Spooky season is here and so are haunted houses. There are all sorts of spooky places you can go this Halloween season, so get out there and get your spook on.

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

It’s officially spooky season and that means haunted houses and pumpkin patches. With COVID-19 still happening haunted houses will be different, some will be open however some may be closed.

Family Friendly
Spooky season means scary things yet there will always be something for families to do with young kids, or even events for people who don’t enjoy scary things. Anderson Farms is one of the biggest events to happen in this town, and yes they will be open. From tickets ranging from $12-$30 it is affordable yet fun for everyone. Anderson Farms wants to reach out and make it a family friendly event. With their pumpkin patches, farm animals, and corn field it gives everyone the opportunity to get out and have fun during this season. Miller Farms is another great option. It offers hay rides that include a spooky story. This is a little farther north but the prices do range from $15-$25. This is a great event for families.

For the teens
This is for the teens that love to be scared. Anderson Farms has Terror In The Corn which will give you a good scare. The price for that event is $30 but it does give you full access to the farm and you can enter 3 hours prior to your time to get the full experience of the farm. Another great place to spend your time at is the Frightmare Compound. The ratings are amazing and the prices aren’t that bad too, ranging from $32.99-$42.99. These are recommended for teens 14+ to ensure that they can handle them.

There will be new guidelines. Each place recommends buying your tickets online to make sure you can get in. They will all also require that you wear a mask when you can’t keep 6 feet from others. There will be hand sanitizer provided and there will be places that tell you where to walk and where to stand. Although there are new guidelines, this is truly the experience that you need to get through this hectic time and to make sure that Halloween isn’t ruined.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays and these businesses don’t want you to feel alone during this time and they don’t want you to not be able to celebrate Halloween. This spooky season could be one of the best, but only if you make it the best.