Joji Releases A New Sounding Him

Joji’s latest album “Nectar” is an amazing heartfelt album that is perfect and helps to resemble the change that Joji has gone through as an artist himself.


Source: sushitrash, Instagram

This is Joji’s album cover for “Nectar.” 88rising/12Tone Music were the publishers of this brand new album.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

George Kusunoki Miller a.k.a Joji has released yet another awesome album, Nectar. The album came out on September 25, 2020. Nectar was originally dated to come out on July 10, 2020, but the date was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter Protests. “I’d like us to keep the focus on change, social justice, and the empowerment of Black people,” Joji said on his twitter. Nonetheless, though fans were super excited for this new album and when it was finally released the album became a fan favorite quickly.

  This album consists of 18 songs and is 53 minutes long total. Joji has evolved tremendously compared to what he used to put out in the past. His first album Pink Season which came out when he went by Pink Guy was very much something different compared to what he just released. Joji has evolved a lot as a singer and as a songwriter. It’s been a journey for him to find what he really loves, it’s his self-discovery. The album’s sound clearly defines his motive to be more delicate and caring with his words. Nectar feels as if it was made to redefine Joji as an artist within the music industry.

  The first track of the album “Ew” showed how different of an approach Joji was looking to take with this album. “Ew” represents a heart in its purest form. Even though the song seems a bit gloomy, its lyrics and tone will soothe your mind. All of the tracks have a good vibe and are very enjoyable to listen to. Throughout the album, there does seem to be a repetitive theme in the lyrics with a consistent theme of heartbreak and love. The tracks get stuck in your head and keep you wanting to replay them over and over again, this is the album that fans needed especially with the year we’ve all been having. Nectar gives you all types of vibes as you listen to the songs. Each song has some type of interesting instrumental in the background with Joji’s voice also acting as an instrument along with a soothing and beautiful voice that fits the lyrics perfectly. 

 The theme and vibe throughout the songs mostly stay the same with no complaints coming from the fans whatsoever. One of the things that made this album even better was the collaborations with some of the songs. The collaborations helped to add a little kick. Especially On the tracks “Daylight: which features Diplo, “High Hopes” featuring Omar Apollo, “Pretty Boy” featuring Lil Yachty, and finally “Afterthought” which features BENEE. All four of these collaborations are amazing and make the album even more enjoyable. Joji seems to let them do and speak out of their own heart and feelings. Not saying the tracks with just Joji himself aren’t phenomenal because every single aspect of this album is beyond perfect.

  Besides the emotional love ballads, some songs touch on struggles in the music industry that Joji himself and others have to face, as well as finding confidence in one’s self. “I made sure to include many essences from my earlier work while still being able to move forward both artistically and emotionally,” Joji said in an interview with Schon! Magazine. Joji has really shown his change in mindset for this album. “I’m not chasing anything amazing or legacy-related,” Joji told tmrw Magazine. “I’m moving forward and creating the things I want and need to hear and see and use and taste within my field of talent respectfully.”

  Overall I’m in complete love with this album. The execution of it is impeccable and the message along with the theme of the tracks is just lovely. Joji is no doubt one of the many artists that can change their sound while still being able to keep a similar sound to their past music. This is one of the many albums for a good crying session, it lets you let go and let everything out. I can’t explain the vibes and feelings of this album. It’s a must listen to type of album along with an album that I would highly recommend.