BRAVE NEW SCHOOL: New Guidelines Come to Frederick

Will these new guidelines be more distancing than helpful?


Owen Etter

Part of the new COVID guidelines at Frederick High include social distancing and movement stickers in the hallway. With students coming back October 5th school administrators have been working around the clock to establish safety procedures at Frederick.

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

School is back in session and we have some new procedures to follow due to COVID-19. To ensure the safety and well-being of all SVVSD students the district has put in some new safety procedures following the Boulder Health Department guidelines to reopening.

Classroom Procedures
Students are encouraged to go straight to class once they walk through the doors and straight to their seats where they will be 3-6 feet away from any other student. Once a student is in their seat it is mandatory that they ask before getting up. You will most likely have to bring all of your own supplies being that the teachers won’t be allowed to hand out their own. There will be assigned seating due to the fact that if someone contracts the virus the school will have to trace back exactly where you are and have the surrounding kids quarantined.

Hallway Procedures
When not in class and in the hallway there will be arrows pointing in the direction that you are to walk. This being said that if you walk down E hallway you will have to follow the arrow pointing in the direction that you want to go. You may wonder if you can talk to your friends during the passing period and from the sounds of it the answer is no. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to talk to your friends due to the fact that you won’t be able to stay 6 feet away. Mask also must be worn anytime you’re in the hallway but mask breaks might be provided if needed.

Restroom Procedures
The restroom is basically the same as the hallway. The recommendation is that you go to the bathroom closest to your classroom to ensure that you aren’t walking to meet other people. The restroom will still have social distancing guidelines meaning if there are 4 spots only 2 will be allowed to use the restroom at that time. It is unclear if you must wear a mask when using the restroom but from the way that everything else is going, it’s safe to say that mask will be required.

Lunchroom Procedures
The lunch tables will have social distancing stickers on them to show you exactly where you can sit due to the fact that you must sit 6 feet away from each other. The lines will work the same way with slots on the ground of where exactly to stand. If you are a senior or junior they recommend and prefer that you leave campus to help with the social distancing at the school.

After school procedures
It is unclear at this time how they will release everyone after school but you should count on it that there will be social distancing.

Despite all of the rules, the main purpose of going back to school is to help kids engage in learning again and help them feel like things are getting back to normal. Unfortunately many disagree with going back saying that it is too soon but only time will tell.