What Went Right With Dominic Fikes’ Newest Album

Dominic Fikes new album “What could Possibly go wrong” is Meaningful and Passionate.

Dominic Fikes “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” album cover.

Source: Colombia, albumoftheyear.org

Dominic Fikes “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” album cover.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Dominic Fikes’ newly released album What Could Possibly Go Wrong recently came out on July 31, 2020. With this new album came a lot of tension because the release date was pushed back. Fikes album consists of 14 songs with a total amount of 34 minutes total listening time. The album has a variety of songs each with it’s own unique sound. Fikes past single 3 Nights was a single that helped him to become very popular along with helping to pave a path for this album. As a 24-year-old Dominic Fike knows a lot about this generation and what’s going on within our heads and in general. He knows what this generation goes through and the struggle of people’s everyday life. This helped a couple of the album’s songs become a big hit especially on the latest social media app Tik Tok, particularly the two songs, “Cancel Me” and “Chicken tenders’. What Could Possibly Go Wrong is just packed with songs that are easy to fall in love. 

Fike has been very successful with his music in the past while he just keeps moving forward, some tend to call him the “future sound”. Fike has been a huge inspiration for the music industry with many people looking at him for inspiration. One of the many things that people love about him is how active he is on his Instagram and other social media platforms and how he’s constantly showing his love and passion for music. 

The album itself is on more of the sad side. Fike was able to get his feelings out and into the song lyrics. Most of the songs on the album show a sense of him being sad and lonely as if he almost dislikes his career. Listening to all the albums tracks gives the listener a rollercoaster of emotion from each song, it’s thrilling. Some of the tracks such as “Cancel Me”, “Come here”, and “Superstar Sh*t” are all a showcase of loneliness and wanting to be with certain people. Overall the album is very different from his first album and his other singles, this one is just more heartfelt. 

The second half of the album however has different vibes, this half of the album is more upbeat than it is slower and darker like the album’s beginning tracks, “Chicken Tenders”, “What’s For Dinner”, and “Joe Blazey”. The difference of moods and emotions really helped to give the album a variety of different emotions when it came to the songs. This makes it even more fun to listen too. Fike ends the album with two very vibey retro-sounding songs that helps to end the whole album with a smooth landing. “Wurli” is very upbeat with an electronic background as well as soft vocals, and “Florida” starts with soft piano chords that lead up to the song ending with a popping beat and almost a muffled sound to his vocals. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong  works so well because every track has its own character, style, and emotion. Overall, every track on the album has amazing vocals and instrumental choices. Being a musician who fell in love with the art that is music at a young age Fike has often talked about his inspirations. Most of them being artists like Eminem, Lil Kim, and the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Compare Fike’s first album Don’t Forget About Me, Demos to his latest album What Could Possibly Go Wrong, and you’ll see that it has a more soft and happy sound to it. Don’t Forget About Me, Demos was more rock band like instrumental album with raspy deep sounding vocals and lyrics that seem like he just wrote out and sung, unlike his new album where the instrumentals are diverse and the vocals are loud, making sure that you know the message that Fike is trying to get through to the listeners. Even the lyrics are a lot more genuine and sound like they came from a lot more thinking as well as from the heart. Fike has shown an endless amount of growth throughout his career. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong is an album that I would recommend greatly. Through the album you’re able to see exactly how Fike mixed everything up and experimented with new sounds. You can see how in the past years he’s struggled and he’s had some rocky patch but he overcame them. I really believe that this is some of his best work. For anyone who loves roller coaster rides full of emotion or is just looking for a new sound that is meaningful, passionate, sincere, and has heartwarming lyrics then this album is for you.