Things We Do Talk About With This New Album

Sky McCreery’s new album Things We Don’t Talk About is a form of self realization and love.


Source: Sky McCreery

Sky McCreery’s second EP, things we don’t talk about, shows his love, self realization, and heartbreak. McCreery shows his effortless vocals of becoming an emerging artist.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Sky McCreery is an 18-year-old musician and artist who released his first album Things We Don’t Talk About on September 1, 2020. McCreery and his producer Peter Fenn really made a piece of art that fans can enjoy. McCreery has self-taught himself everything about music that he now knows and uses making him an already extremely talented artist at such a young age. He has had a string of singles come out through the years but this EP tops it all off. With McCreery pouring his heart and soul in the songs throughout this gorgeous EP. It’s something that touches your heart and is enjoyable for everyone. 

The album itself is only 12 minutes of music and that’s covering all five songs on the EP. This shows the amount of power that he had and shows through the lyrics and emotion of the songs. It’s something that is extremely hard to do especially with such a short EP. Things We Don’t Talk About shows a lot of what may have come from having love and heartbreak. The EP smacks you in the face with self-realization as you listen to each song. Several tracks on the EP touch on how sometimes love and heartbreak is something that everyone will always have and we just need to realize that relationships don’t define who we are as a person but they simply help us grow to be a better person. The EP helps to tell it’s listeners that sometimes you have to hurt to heal. 

 McCreery often talks about how his producer Peter Feen really got into his emotions differently than he could and that’s what makes this EP a masterpiece. Things We Don’t Talk About is able to touch the listeners on a personal level. Every track makes you see and feel the emotions on a personal level which is exactly what McCreery wanted. You can just hear it, which a lot of the time that’s not the case for a lot of artists but McCreery. It’s the one thing that a lot of artists struggle with. This shows how truly talented he is and it helps to compare him to many other artists. In an interview with Genius he says, “I wanted each song on the EP to really represent like five different aspects of love or just relationship in general, so that was my main focus for it, was to really capture just at least the five aspects that I feel are like most significant and have impacted me like the most.” He’s right, in this EP you can feel all types of love, heartbreak, and overall emotion. One thing is for sure McCreery was able to leave his fans and listeners in awe once again. 

Everything about this EP works. It shows that everyone can show their emotions, even young men, who a lot of the time are scared to be taunted if they even try to show the slightest bit of emotion. Throughout the years McCreery’s Various singles and his first-ever EP have been on the more emotional side but Things We Don’t Talk About just showed how much he stepped his game up; on various levels showing his personal growth. I love this whole EP and every minute, every second of it. 

 I highly recommend this album to everyone, I loved every minute and every second of it and there is no doubt that you won’t do the same. Things We Don’t Talk About is not just a good album but is also a very heartfelt album with an important message for the listeners to hear in every track.  If you’re in the mood for music that will hit you in the heart this EP is the one for you!