Eviction Is Among Us


Flickr: Tom Check

This is the common sight of what an eviction notice looks like. It’s a scary and gut wrenching notice that’s been affecting many Americans.

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has led to many families losing their everyday jobs and when that happens it
leads to families not being able to pay their bills. Many families in Frederick are experiencing
that right now. That’s the sad truth.
Everyone would think that the town would stop payments or even help the community out by
giving a stimulus check but they can’t afford that leading to eviction notices going out and past
due payments threatening to shut their electricity, cable, and water off. Once you get a notice in
the mail you have 30 days to pay or it’s off.
Frederick has become more and more expensive to live in for example the average rent is
$1,500 and if you lose your job a minimum wage job can barely pay your bills. That being said
during this hard time many families are experiencing eviction notices in the mail or their door
because simply they just can’t bring the money in.
This is getting ridiculous that families are more worried about losing their homes than getting the
coronavirus. This town should think more about the health of its people then the money in their
Many businesses promised their customers that during this time the payments wouldn’t need to
be paid and they wouldn’t be shut off, bu5 that’s not what they did. They started to send out
notices within the first 2-3 weeks of the coronavirus and giving out false hope. This town has
become more and more unreliable when it comes to taking care of its people and that needs to
Frederick needs to do better during this hard time and give families time to find new jobs and be
able to catch up on bills so they can keep their home. If possible they should give two month
notice so that they aren’t trying to scramble a job last minute. Frederick needs to do better.