Chloe X Halles Godly RnB Album


Published by Columbia Records

Chloe X Halle “Ungodly Hour” album cover.

George Murnock, Staff Writer

        Chole and Halle are one of the biggest RnB duos to have ever broken through in music history, with thanks to their 2020 album, Ungodly Hour. Ungodly Hour was released in late August of 2020 and has a total of 13 songs. The whole album only lasting 37 minutes and 13 seconds, it is packed with emotions from start to finish. Ungodly Hour is the second studio album released by the duo, through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Some of the producers include Beyoncé, Halle and Chloe Bailey, Boi-1da and more.

          Chloe and Halle are sisters from Atlanta, Georgia and formed their RnB group in 2012. They both moved to Los Angeles and had a brief moment of minor acting roles before being nominated for best new artist in 2019. The two were asked about the title of their album and if it related to what is currently happening in the world today. Halle responded with, “My sister actually had written in her notes this beautiful phrase, “the ungodly hour.” And we used it because we basically feel like during this time, there can be a lot of things going on through your head. During the ungodly hour, you’re thinking of all of the insecurities that you have, the ups and downs of your life,  everything.”

             The album had a total of 24,000 first week streaming sales and earned the sisters a spot on the billboard hot 100 list. This album is jam packed with emotions from start to finish. Consisting of heartbreak, comeback stories, and finding love, this album is definitely recommended to anyone who can relate to these emotions. When being interviewed, Chloe made an unapologetic statement about her and her sisters’ attitude on the album, “We’re being unapologetically ourselves, and if anyone can’t accept that, we hope they can forgive us. Because we’re still going to live our best lives and continue being the best version of ourselves, while making mistakes along the way.”