COVID-19 Isn’t Stopping for Anyone


Wikimedia Commons

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

You would assume that schools like CU Boulder would be smart enough to not open their school until they know how to control it and know all the facts first, but that’s not the case. CU Boulder is one of many schools that have decided to open despite the pandemic. The schools thought that this was a good idea because numbers were dropping and they could control it, however, The University Of Colorado Boulder has had nearly 1,200 students test positive for the coronavirus and about 12 staff members.

It seems like CU Boulder was not ready to open just yet despite the facts that the numbers weren’t dropping enough. But did I mention that CU Boulder surpasses any other state so far, this means that CU either opened way too soon and or didn’t follow any social distancing requirements. Putting everyone in danger.

As of Wednesday The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that there were nearly 1,900 students that have contracted the coronavirus and 104 possible cases. If you look at the statistics there are roughly 35,000 students that attended CU Boulder, so that would mean that every 29th student tested positive for the coronavirus.

The University of Colorado Boulder has just transitioned to remote leaning for at least two weeks but, you wonder if two weeks is enough or if they need more time to slow down the spread.