Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Fall is finally here but it feels like there’s nothing to do especially with COVID-19 around.


Owen Etter

Fall is here which means it’s time to start planning all of those fun fall activities that we love doing.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

The leaves are changing, the cold nights are coming, the scent of pumpkin and freshly baked goods is in the air. It’s finally fall which means that all of the fun things people love to do in fall are here. It seems like everybody is going to be bored beyond bored this fall due to COVID and social distancing. It’s hard to find things to do while trying to keep a safe and social distance. It’s completely understandable. I’m here to tell you that all is well because I have a list of ten things that you can do this fall while staying safe and social distancing during these crazy times.

  • Go for a drive to see the fall foliage: Whether you’re taking a scenic drive down the million dollar highway or driving through Rocky Mountain National Park you will be able to see leaves change color. Grab your car keys, roll down the windows, and let the fresh and crisp fall air run through the car as you drive and enjoy the fall colored leaves.
  • Go to a farm: Although complete opposites, Anderson Farms and Ya Ya Farm & Orchard are both open. Both farms are holding fun-filled events that will keep everyone happy and content while keeping the safety guidelines in place. Whether you’re going to see a haunted corn maze at Anderson Farms or going to Boo Fest at Ya Ya Farm & Orchard, both places have a variety of fun things to do.
  • Oktober-FEAST: Featuring a variety of delicious foods and fun events this year’s Oktober-FEAST in Breckenridge, CO is still on and ready for people to attend. Take a trip up there and enjoy a bunch of fun-filled activities, good food and you get to see that fall foliage that’s so pretty to look at.
  • Grab a cup of coffee and go for a long walk: With lots of different trails located here in Frederick and Longmont, there’s always a fun place to walk. If neither of those trails interest you don’t forget the trails in Boulder. You can even go with a few friends and your coffee and walk the streets of an outdoor mall. It gets you outside and moving.
  • Take some fall photos: It’s the season for those fun-filled memories with fall photos. Whether you’re with your family, friends, yourself, or even your pet it’s time to grab some photos amongst the fall foliage that everyone loves. Find a cute little place with lots of colors, grab a photographer, and let the memory-making begin.
  • Go to a fair or festival: You ever stand outside in the cold wrapped up in a sweatshirt or jacket with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa in your hand at a fair/festival and just feel beyond happy? No? Well then now’s your chance because fairs and festivals are some of the best things to go to during the fall. Although it’s unknown how many actual festivals and fairs are going on Google has some that options for you that will pop up. It could be full of food or even just a simple walk. Either way, it’s fun and keeps you outside.
  • Spooky Scary Haunted Houses: Halloween is coming up and what’s more fun besides trick or treating than a haunted house? Everyone enjoys a good scare once in a while. There are a few haunted houses still open including Denver’s very own The Frightmare Compound haunted house. Each place has certain guidelines that make it so that families can still have fun while staying safe. So maybe think about getting a few fun scares out of you this fall.
  • Going to Estes Park: If you’re a fan of The Shining then this fall idea may be right up your alley. Estes Colorado is home to the famous hotel and with Halloween coming up The Stanley Hotel may just make a perfect getaway weekend. Estes has a lot of fun treats including some delicious caramel apples and it’s in the mountains. Plan a small weekend getaway at the Stanley hotel, eat some delicious food, and enjoy the fall up in the mountains.
  • Baking can be fun: Remember how we mentioned the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked goods? You can be one of those people by baking. Even if it’s a new hobby, you get to open up your backdoor and let the scent flow through the air making everyone drool over the scent and green with envy because you get to enjoy those sweet treats. Snickerdoodles, cobblers, and every variety of pie known to mankind. It sounds amazing!
  • Halloween planning: The best is always saved for last. Spooky season comes in less than three weeks and everyone knows what that means. It’s time to pull out those spooky decorations and start planning how you’re going to spruce up and decorate your front yard. Will it be boring or will it be fun-filled and spooky? Oh, and did we mention that it’s spooky season? That means it’s also time to start planning your Halloween costume. The fun begins when Halloween planning begins.

Fall is here which means the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the fun is just beginning. Don’t let COVID get in the way of your autumn plans. Whether you take the ideas listed above or create some of your own it’ll still be the fun fall that everyone dreams of.