QuaranTEEN, Episode Five


Kayla Lorimer, Multimedia Producer

The Frederick Scout has partnered with the Frederick Theatre Department to produce QuaranTEEN, a new podcast about teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic by teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The podcast is produced almost entirely by students recording their lines remotely and editing the final podcast themselves.

In this episode, a freshman girl convinces her parents to foster a dog only to find out that taking care of a pet is harder than she thought.  The second story focuses on a trio of seniors going to up a mountain cabin on the day before what would have been graduation. What starts as a celebration turns into a deep exploration of the worries these seniors have bout leaving high school and heading into an unknown future.



QuaranTEEN Episode Five

Narrated by Thomas Beeker, Class of 2022

Directed by Emily Ferguson

Audio produced and edited by Brandon Coon

Original music by Mr. Kyle Liss

Series created by Brandon Coon


Story One: “Gone to the Dogs,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Kaydence Duncan: Giada DeJulio, Class of 2023
  • Randall: Micah Wittler, Class of 2023
  • Mr. Duncan: Isaac Plamer, alumni guest artist, Class of 2019
  • Mrs. Duncan: Kelsea Sibold, alumni guest artist, Class of 2019

Story Two: “The Last Day,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Dylan Nicks: Jacob Noyes, Class of 2021
  • Emma Baker: Kayla Lorimer, Class of 2021
  • Izzy Morales: Kim Tarin, Class of 2023