QuaranTEEN, Episode Four


Kayla Lorimer, Multimedia Producer

The Frederick Scout has partnered with the Frederick Theatre Department to produce QuaranTEEN, a new podcast about teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic by teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The podcast is produced almost entirely by students recording their lines remotely and editing the final podcast themselves.

In this episode, Aly gets a new job in fast food, but when her best friend’s boyfriend doesn’t recognize her and tries to pick her up at work, she’ll have to decide how break the news to her bestie. In the second story, Daniel has a plan to celebrate his sister’s graduation with fireworks. When he remembers that he left them at the school before the building was closed down, he and his best friend Ethan will have to infiltrate the locked school building and avoid getting caught.


QuaranTEEN Episode Four

Narrated by Kayla Lorimer, junior

Directed by Emily Ferguson

Audio produced and edited by Brandon Coon

Original music by Mr. Kyle Liss

Series created by Brandon Coon

Story One: “Happy to Help,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Aly Larson: Eliza Smith, freshman

  • Bree: Jaime Gagnon, junior

  • Blake: Owen Etter, junior

  • Mr. Wendell: Mr. Chris Parr, guest artist

  • Customer: Emily Ferguson

Story Two: “A Bad Combination,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Daniel Nez Jacobs: Michael Coaty, junior

  • Ethan Prescott: Thomas Beeker, sophomore

  • Old Gus: Mr. Chris Parr, guest artist