School for Scandal #1

Part One: Yellow Journalism


Kayla Lorimer, Multimedia Producer

When COVID-19 canceled the Frederick High spring play, Frederick Theatre decided to convert the spring play into a four-part radio series (you can read more about it here). The Theatre Department has partnered with The Frederick Scout, and we are proud to present School for Scandal.

In this week’s episode, scandal has once again rocked the campus of Brinsley College. Veronica Sneerwell, the leader of The School for Scandal gossip blog and head of the Rho-Beta-Sigma sorority, has teamed up with popular student Joseph Surface to spread a rumor that will get Brinsley Dean Peter Teazle fired. Meanwhile, the dean struggles with his marriage, his rebellious niece Maria, and the fact that he’s turning forty.


School for Scandal

By Brandon Coon

Based of the 1775 play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Part One: Yellow Journalism

Narrated by Isaac Palmer, Class of 2019

Directed by Emily Ferguson

Audio produced by Kayla Lorimer, junior, and edited by Will Greiner, sophomore

Original music by Wild Love Tigress


Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Veronica Sneerwell: Lexey Royer, senior
  • Mary Beth Perkins: Giada DeJulio, freshman
  • Jessica Lappet: Eliza Smith, freshman
  • Sammi Little: Rylee Lorimer, freshman
  • Julia Bumble: Madi Price-Kohlert, freshman
  • Kimberly Verjuice: Josilyn Cholas, junior
  • Mr. Snake: Charles Juarez, junior
  • Joseph Surface: Jake Valois, junior
  • Charles Surface: Thomas Beeker, sophomore
  • Ryley Starr: Mia Palmer, senior
  • Trip Kennedy: Will Greiner, sophomore
  • Peter Teazle: Jacob Noyes, junior
  • Erica Teazle: Kendall Lecumberry, senior
  • Maria Forthright: Lauryn Bailey, senior
  • Bryttni Candor: Jaime Gagnon, junior
  • Agatha Crabtree: Kayla Lorimer, junior
  • Benjamin Backbite: Ethan Noyes, freshman
  • Renee Nice: Kimberly Tarin, freshman