QuaranTEEN: Episode Three


Kayla Lorimer, Multimedia Producer

The Frederick Scout has partnered with the Frederick Theatre Department to produce QuaranTEEN, a new podcast about teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic by teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The podcast is produced almost entirely by students recording their lines remotely and editing the final podcast themselves.

In this episode, senior Alex Kennedy learns that he won’t pass the English class he needs to graduate, so he and his best friend plan a revenge prank on the teacher.  The second story focuses on freshman Sidney Morrison, who only wants to leave the house–or at least spend time with her absent mother. But when she decides to sneak out with her friends, she discovers that staying home isn’t the worst thing that can happen during a pandemic.



QuaranTEEN Episode Three

Narrated by Ethan Noyes, freshman

Directed by Emily Ferguson

Audio produced and edited by Will Greiner, sophomore and Ethan Noyes, freshman

Original music by Mr. Kyle Liss

Series created by Brandon Coon


Story One: “Testing the Teacher,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Alex Kennedy: Jacob Noyes, junior
  • Pablo Padilla: Charles Juarez, junior
  • Mr. Lazlo Kramer: Conor McDaniel, Class 0f 2019

Story Two: “Everyone and Their Mother,” written by Emily Ferguson & Brandon Coon

  • Sidney Morrison: Joelle Richard
  • Grey Morrison: Kayla Lorimer, junior
  • Cheryl Morrison: Mrs. Amber Marshall Lucas, guest artist
  • Kat: Eliza Smith, freshman
  • Brody: Micah Wittler, freshman
  • Boutique employee: Will Greiner, sophomore