Quarantined and Spiritless? Here are 10 things to do while quarantined and bored at home.


Sarah Hayes

While board and in quarantine or even during winter break, there are tons of things that you can do to still have your fun during quarantine. This list also includes things you can do indoors too, so you don’t have to go out into the terrible terrible cold.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

Instagram, Tik Tok, Netflix, Snapchat, Youtube, repeat.

It seems like that’s what everybody is currently doing while at home and bored out of their minds. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m honestly really tired of the constant repetition of it all. There are only so many videos and tv shows that a person can watch before getting disinterested in it. Trying to find new and engaging things to do is not easy. Search engines such as Google may appear to help but do they really? When a person searches a subject on Google, for example, “ what to do while bored and quarantined “ a flood of websites will pop up. However, most of the links that come up are often useless information that leads to unproductive time being spent. How can we as individuals expand those search idea’s slightly so that the information derived is more fun and exciting? As a teenager myself who is living through this paradoxical time I understand how irritating this experience can be. So here is a list of ten things to do while you’re bored and quarantined at home.

1. Make a mural out of your driveway. Last week I saw something on the app “Next Door” that talked about taking chalk and writing a positive message or drawing a happy image on your driveway this way when people walk by they can see something positive. I thought why not broaden that idea a little bit more. Instead of doing that why don’t you look at your driveway as an empty canvas? Take your driveway and decorate parking spaces for everyone in your family. Sit outside and draw your favorite super-villain or Disney character. Make it super cool and super fun so that everyone will be raving about your driveway compared to your neighbors. Who knows maybe your neighbors will want you to do theirs also.

2. Create a new Tik Tok trend. I know a lot of bored Warriors at home who have been sitting at home and watching Tik Tok all day. Instead of that why don’t you start a new trend? It could be a new dance or a new sound that everyone wants to use. Plan it out, film it, then post it. Most importantly have fun with it. If you don’t know how to dance then look for lessons and teach yourself how to dance. Make it fun and exciting. You can even take bloopers from you trying to dance and post those to give people a laugh.

3. Look online. Lots of museums and zoos are doing free tours and live feed of animals. It seems boring, I know but give it a try. It’s actually really entertaining and you can learn something new from it. You can even turn it into a game with a family member or friend to see who can learn the most facts in a day.

4. Check out some of the live concerts. Billboard.com is updating their website daily and allowing people to see who’s doing an online concert and when. You can tune into Billboard’s homepage on Facebook to look and see which artists are performing on their website.

5. Order a new board game. It seems boring (at times) but there are lots of cool board games out there. Maybe one of them will keep you entertained. For example, my family just got a game called Hunt A Killer and although we haven’t actually started the game yet, just reading the instructions gave me goosebumps and also got me super excited to play it. Who knows what you can find on amazon. There are some super fun and exciting games out there that you can play. Or create a new board game for your family.

6. Create a TV series. Grab your friends while practicing social distancing or use your siblings and find a fun and creative way to create your own tv series. It can be horror-themed or it can be a super funny comedy. Either way, it’ll be fun and entertaining. You can even create it through Snapchat and get videos from friends acting out certain scenes that you think will fit and then create the movie. You can create an IGTV on Instagram using those clips as well and then create your own little mini-series.

7. Start a Youtube channel. Whether you’re vlogging or following all the crazy trends that Youtube has going on this can be another really fun thing to do. Set a goal of subscribers that you want to have and become the ultimate YouTuber of this year’s quarantine. Think of fun and popular challenges to do, do reactions to your favorite artist’s new music video and just make it fun.

8. Create a gigantic and super cool Lego city. It can be a city in outer space, a farm, a small town expanding to a city, a city underwater or even just a regular plain old city. Make it a new challenge. The little devils can hurt if you step on them but they can also be turned into something extremely cool. If that doesn’t interest you then challenge yourself to create a funny 3-D image of a family member made out of all legos or even just your pet. Find a cool design to create out of legos and turn it into a challenge or a new trend.

9. Creative Dinners. Every night we all eat dinner so why not make it entertaining. Gather your family around and create a dinner challenge. The challenge being every night one family member gets a turn to choose a theme. The dinner and the ambiance that night will be that theme. One night can be Disney themed, the next can be underwater. You can make it a plane themed dinner or a fancy dinner. Have it go on for a few weeks and see who can create the best themed dinner possible. I’d do it. It sounds like fun to me!

10. Learn a new language. I know this sounds boring but this can be fun too. By downloading the app Duolingo you have the option of learning up to 15 languages. Find one that interests you and learn it until you’re sick of it and super bored. You can make it better by getting a close friend to do it with you so that when you guys see your friends again you can confuse them by just talking to each other in a different language.

The spiritless train has pulled into the station and it seems like there’s nothing to do. I know it’s bad but some things can be fun to do as well. Whether it be coloring, drawing, writing, filming a movie or tv show, planning out a fun-filled evening, creating a sick lego city or creating a new popular trend. Something fun and entertaining will come up for sure. You can even find a secret talent that you never knew you had during this quarantine. I mean I learned that I have a small amount of talent when it comes to drawing. What’s your hidden talent?