FHS School Reconstruction Is Already Causing Questions

With school reconstruction going on during the summer of 2020 some of our school’s summer activities are being affected greatly.


St Vrain

The renovation at Frederick is going to be a huge undertaking which will take place Summer 2020

Elicia Ramu and Paige Owens

FHS is a popular place to be during the summer. Some people may say it’s the place to be. Events like Police Academy, E-credit, Jumpstart, and many other events are happening. FHS hosts all of them. However, all of those events are hosted at FHS and with the floors being redone during the summer it’s already causing problems with where certain things are going to be.

One of the main teachers who will not only be affected by the construction happening during the school year but as well as during the summer is Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith is a literature teacher here at FHS. During the school year, she spends her time teaching but during the summer she has another job. Mrs. Smith is not only in charge of e-credit but she is also in charge of FHS’s jumpstart program. Jumpstart is a program for incoming freshmen where they have a chance to come and get to know the feel of the school. It helps the incoming freshman to feel like they are in a safe environment. However, the only problem is that both e-credit and jumpstart are normally held in Mrs. Smith’s room. With the floors being redone this summer Mrs. Smith isn’t sure where she’s going to host these two events due to her classroom not being available.

“The library would probably be one of the best choices, the problem is that there are a lot of summer programs that are all going to be fighting and trying to share the same place. I am thinking about trying to take over the drama classroom or art classroom but again the problem is the floors,” Mrs. Smith told us.

Mrs. Smith isn’t the only one who’s going to be affected by it either. Officer Fairbanks who hosts a four day Police Academy program here at the school will also be affected by it. Although he doesn’t believe that his program will be affected as badly as Mrs. Smith’s, he isn’t sure where he’s going to be placed yet. Will he be in the library or another room? We’re not sure but a similar theme is going on here for sure.

The school’s P-Tech Program will be affected by the movement and the reconstruction as well. Talking to Mrs. Fitzgerald helped us out with that too. This is Mrs. Fitzgerald’s first year working with the program. Last summer a teacher from Skyline High School came to help out because they have a program already there so Mrs. Fitzgerald isn’t sure about what’s going to take place this summer.

“Last year a counselor from skyline came over because they also have the p-tech program. They were in the library but this year since the construction is going I was told that I cannot be in the library. I believe that we are still going to have our summer bridging program but it’s going to have to be moved more into the art wings. So we still have to decide the classroom that we are going to use and everything. We’re still going to have our three-week summer institute,” Mrs. Fitzgerald told us.

With that being said it sounds like the library is out and all the programs being held this summer are going to be held in the art hallway.

All of that is just touching the tips of activities that go on during the summer though.  Here at FHS, everyone is curious as to what else is going to come with it. More programs like the theatre program for kids, marching band, color guard, and of course our high school football teams summer training leaves us with more questions than ever. Will these programs be affected? How badly will they be affected? And where are they going to be held?

Nobody else has been around to give more answers but that doesn’t mean that we’re given up. The library right now seems to be everybody’s main place to host their program, but from the sounds of it, that may not be an option. The library itself hosts programs like teachings for teachers, link crew meetings and many more things. Will those programs still take place in the library or will the library be off-limits this summer?

To give another idea of where some programs may take place, Mr. Lopez who’s the school’s assistant principal and the athletic director told us that although he’s not positive about it, some programs may end up being moved to Thunder Valley. With the number of programs that take place at FHS during the summer programs like police academy or the drama department theater, camp may bring taking place over there. Nobody’s sure yet though.

“The details have not been decided upon where everyone’s going to be going. As things get closer we’re all gonna have to sit down and work out where everyone’s going to be so that we can still have all the awesome programs we offer,” Mrs. Fitzgerald concluded.

That sounds like an amazing plan too. As of right now, it sounds like everyone’s kind of just playing things out and taking things one step at a time. As summer gets closer and closer people’s nerves are going up but everyone’s waiting patiently. Between Mrs. Fitzgerald, Officer Fairbanks (who teaches police academy), and Mrs. Smith it sounds like everyone’s ready to be told to go somewhere and that’s where they‘ll be.

Frederick High School’s school reconstruction hasn’t even started yet. However, it’s already creating huge impacts on the school. Teachers like Mrs. Smith, Mr. Davis, and Mrs. Sampson are already going to be impacted by the reconstruction going on during the 2020-2021 school year and the amount of noise that will come with it but there not alone. Although it’s not during the school year mode groups and programs will be affected this summer as well due to the reconstruction and limited space we have.

What’s going to happen with those activities? And where are all of them going to take place?