Sonic the Hedgehog Is Speeding Out of Control

This original classic video game just brought kids favorite hedgehog to life.


Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Sonic The Hedgehog really changed things up from the classic video game. With plenty of jokes that will keep audiences satisfied.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

On February 14th everyone’s favorite speedster Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie came out and let’s just say it created a huge reaction. Sonic was originally known as a popular video game created by Sega. This funny and well-written screenplay grabbed everyone’s attention from the first scene. Using key elements from the video game itself like the rings that every player is supposed to collect and Sonic’s home, gave the movie it’s fun as well as incredibly cool feeling. Using a very fun-filled cast consisting of Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey and more the movie had everyone laughing. Sega also left everyone watching with a small hint at the end that made viewers believe that a second movie will be coming out but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The film opens up with Sonic zig-zagging through the streets of San Francisco as he’s being chased before freezing and letting you take in a cool shot of Sonic’s bright blue electric streak being taken over by an explosion. It then rewinds as Sonic slows down and tells you the story from the very beginning of his journey. The film proceeds on by showing the audience Sonic’s life from his original planet to his new life on Earth where he lives all alone in hiding. That is until a mega power outage created by his rage occurs knocks all the power out throughout the whole NorthWest. From then on Sonic is on the run from his rival enemy Dr. Robotnik played excellently by Jim Carey. To help him escape from Robotnik, Sonic runs to the local sheriff’s house in search of safety and help. Small Town Sheriff Tom Wachowski played by James Marsden has no idea what he’s in for when he agrees to help save this hedgehog’s life. Luckily for him, nothing seriously bad happens besides a few bar fights and a totaled car.

Throughout the entire film, constant jokes are made keeping the audience laughing and entertained. Dr. Robotnik himself has some incredibly funny scenes like when he’s dancing alone in the dark while working on a new evil prototype to stop Sonic.

The one thing that I loved most about the movie was the camera angles. From twists and turns that would make me feel sick to the freeze frames using Sonic’s streak and fire behind it. All of it was so cool. One of the best parts was the way Sega created multiple Sonic’s in a single frame to show how fast he was going and to see everything he was doing at once. It helped to give the movie a bigger sense of understanding of how much this little hedgehog can do in a single minute. Along with that, the lighting was also incredible and I loved how they kept two separate color schemes between Sonic and Robotnik. Using Sonic’s typical Bright blue, white and red and Dr. Robotnik’s color scheme of red, white, and black made things so much more realistic.

This film is a perfect family movie to go and see on a snowy, cold, or rainy day. With comedic relief and a finely picked cast Sonic, The Hedgehog has to be one of my all-time favorite animated movies. Rotten Tomatoes commented on the film saying that “Sonic The Hedgehog is a video game-inspired adventure that the whole family can enjoy.” There honestly was no better way to bring to life my favorite childhood video game and tv show. I loved how they incorporated all of the things that I grew up knowing was associated with this character. Sega didn’t just use the video games layout at the beginning of the movie but they continued to use smaller things like Sonic’s love for chili cheese dogs and the rings that helped Sonic to transport anywhere. Sega even included how he got his shoes which is another thing that he is greatly known for.

Sega truly did an amazing job with this film. I’d recommend Sonic The Hedgehog to anyone who likes fun-filled comedies. I loved the movie. Everything that was in the movie made it ten times better than what was shown while looking at the trailer. Make sure to try to see this film while it’s still in theaters. I promise it will be worth your while and it will keep you from beginning to end.