One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

How to style and or modify old thrifted clothes, and pull it off well


Pixabay, All Rights Reserved.

Thrifting is not only good for the environment but helps you create an entirely new look for yourself that no one else will have.

Taylor Dunlap, Staff Writer

Everyone has their own opinion on thrifting. Many of the stereotypical opinions are that it’s gross or not in style. When thrifting, it’s necessary to look at almost every hanger to find something, especially since every item is different. It’s kind of time-consuming and definitely takes a lot of patience. However, if you want to try thrifting, it’s an extremely sustainable way of shopping, not to mention the extremely low prices! You can also find very unique pieces, and even customize or flip them to make them w0rk in your closet even more.

On a rare occasion, you may find a really unique, eye-catching piece and not have to do anything to it or modify it in any way. However, for the most part, the items might need a little help. For example, they may not fit perfectly, or it’s simply too boring and needs some spicing up. Here are some ways to modify and style the clothes you find, to make them perfect and unique to you.

Check out this video to see how to flip your clothing found at the thrift store!

An easy way to customize clothing is to crop or cut it. It’s very easy, and cropped items are always in style. All you need is a pair of scissors and whatever item you choose. You also could get a rotary cutter, which is basically a pizza cutter that’s made to cut fabric. This is a much easier way to get a cleaner cut, which is always the goal. Most people crop shirts, however you could even make a pair of jeans into shorts. While this is a very standard way to customize your clothes, it adds a lot, and can truly transform the appearance of the clothing to appear more fashionable or trendy.

If you don’t want to cut up your thrifted finds, you could paint, draw, or embroider on the items you got. Say you find a piece that is plain and you want to spice it up, you can get materials to make it better. If you aren’t a great artist, then you can do something simple and easy. All you need is an idea and some fabric paint, you have yourself a personalized item. This is probably the best way, just because you truly would be the only person to have it. Nothing is worse than showing up somewhere and seeing someone else with the same outfit as you. Being different is good, and a fun way to express yourself is through clothing and fashion!

If you like the piece you got don’t want to make any modifications, you can just style it with accessories. This can be with jewelry or shoes. It depends on what items you got and what you already have. Even if you have the coolest outfit on, the most important thing is confidence! Make sure to walk with your head up, and wear what makes you happy.

Now that you know more about thrifting and how to turn clothes that may have been ugly into something unique to you and your style, I encourage you to go thrifting sometime soon! After all, it’s better for the environment and your wallet!