Changing the Country Before 18

17-year-olds can have an impact on the primaries if they turn 18 before November 3rd. A new rule in Colorado gives teens the right to finally put their voice to use.


Senior Airman Trevor Gordnier

People who will be 18 by November 3rd can vote in the Primaries today.

Damien Gonzales, Staff Writer

Today is Primary Day. Colorado is facing its first presidential primary in twenty years after doing away with the caucus system in 2016. To add on to that, new to this year’s election, seventeen-year-olds can choose to vote as long as they will be eighteen before election day in November. Since Colorado has a semi-closed primary, students can vote in whatever party they want. Colorado changes will have a huge impact on this year’s votes.

Seventeen-year-olds can vote this year and that could have a huge impact that could be a positive or a negative consequence. After students lost the privilege to smoke and buy tobacco at the age of eighteen, the government has supplied them with a way to vote, which could be seen as a disaster to some if young voters do not learn about who they are voting for. However, the bill that was passed seems like it should have always been around and will fit into everyday life. There are several young adults who should have the ability to choose who will lead them in the next four years of their lives.

“I think that it is further proof that the state of Colorado values the ability to vote more than any other state,” says Mr. Wellington. “We already have same-day voter registration, mail-in ballot as well as same-day voting options. This upcoming generation is going to be a rather large voting group and to give them an opportunity to participate in the primary system should bring even more excitement and interest in our voting process. While nationwide, voter participation is quite low, Colorado has the highest voter participation rate in the country and this will just continue to help that number!” He stated. Mr. Samson also thought it was amazing how students now have the right to vote and hopes that all students take action but do not abuse the power they have been handed.

As a student, I think this is an amazing opportunity for us to learn how to vote from people who have already voted while not being influenced by parents or what the media has to say. However, learning about each party and what each primary group wants to do may not be enough to let students have their own opinion on who should lead the country. Students should not vote if they are going to just write a name down that they just heard and thought was an okay person, this should be something that is researched beforehand so students make a smart decision.

In conclusion, students should vote if they can, but they need to be smart about who they are voting for because this person they vote for will lead us for years to come. Students can get started by going to with a valid driver’s license or state Id. Colorado has allowed seventeen-year-olds the chance to vote as long as they are going to be eighteen by Election Day, do not wait on this and start researching.