‘Pony’ Pleases Fans with his New Perspective

Rex Orange County’s release of his third album brings both happy and sad feelings to his die-hard listeners


The Come Up Show: Mac Downey (Flickr)

Nicole Howieson, Staff Writer

The beloved Rex Orange County, also known as Alex O’Connor, has finally released new music after an approximate two year wait since his sophomore album. With a total of 10 songs, he created a cohesive piece of art that was published on October 25, 2019. The public has a mixed consensus on the project; the fans enjoying every minute and the critics seemingly disliking the unique tone of ‘Pony’.

The album starts one the most popular singles released, ‘10/10’. It kicks off the piece of work with an upbeat and buoyant rhythm. This is a great way to start off an album like this because it introduces an optimistic tone and brings joy to the listener. It personally is one of my own favorites from the array of song since the lyrics are so hopeful and the melody is well put together.

After the intro song, the songs keep the same positive beats but the lyrics start telling a story. They are somewhat pitiful as he tells a story of realistic scenarios with girls, like a love fantasy. He truthfully describes his thoughts about love that many can relate to, one of the many reasons why he has gotten so popular among the new generation. Not to mention that his talent for playing the variety of instruments used, writing his own songs, and one of a kind singing.

Some of my top songs from this project would have to be ‘Pluto Projector’, ‘It Gets Better’, and ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore’. All three of these were beautifully crafted and just resonate with myself and many others. ‘Pluto Projector’ contains amazing background vocals with elegant lyrics, which was a very different release for Rex. ‘It Gets Better’ has an addicting beat, (in a good way) and just brings me to a happy and hopeful mindset. Finally, with the album ending on ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore,’ it’s arranged perfectly and even though it is a bit melancholy, it closes the list of songs superb way.

I would most definitely recommend this album as a must listen to anyone I know. It may not be most people’s usual type of music to listen to, but it’s great to venture out and hear new styles. Rex has an ‘out of this world’ tone of music and is very different from what is played on the radio. He is on track for a world tour, that has already begun because of the success of his most recent release. This new piece proves that Rex Orange County is an unstoppable musician and deserves all the praise that comes his way.