Student Jobs: Balancing Life and School Successfully

Senior Nicole Howieson talks on the difficulties of balancing a steady job and an academically rigorous schedule

Ella Berrend, Head Editor

In the midst of senior year at Frederick High School many students put in labor outside of their studies while working jobs on top of their schoolwork. Maintaining a job is sometimes a necessity for those kids saving for college or paying their next round of car insurance. We caught up with Nicole Howieson to talk about working upwards of 30 hours a week while keeping up her academics.


FREDERICK SCOUT: So explain a little bit about what you do and how long you’ve been at your job.


NICOLE HOWIESON: Well I work at Subway, and I’ve been working there since November of last year. Basically I do everything you’d expect from a person at Subway. [laughs] I make sandwiches, take out the trash, clean the bathrooms and all that kind of stuff. 


SCOUT: How would you describe completing a shift and then coming home to do a load of homework?


NH: I’m not going to lie, I am pretty exhausted when I get home from a shift; especially when I close at 10:30 at night sometimes. Usually when I get home from one of those it’s hard to reach for my backpack… or do anything. 


SCOUT: What kind of classes do you take at FHS? 


NH: Last year I had a pretty full schedule, including like three AP courses and a criminal justice class. Somehow this year feels even harder already… The work from my AP psych class is a little overwhelming.  [sighs]


SCOUT: Would you recommend other students taking on the task as well? 


NH: I know that working almost 30 hours a week isn’t going to work with everyone’s schedule, especially because I don’t participate in after school activities; but if you want to earn some money for shopping or college then I think having a good job and taking a heavy schedule can be manageable for sure. 


SCOUT: So are there any wise words you’d like to offer? 


NH: Basically just push yourself to not only schedule your work time, but also what time you’ll put into your classes. Believe me when I say I’m still figuring it out though. 


If you’re thinking of applying for a job on top of school, several local businesses are always looking for more helping hands. Talk with a counselor to decide if working is a right choice for you.