New and Improving Changes for FHS Student Council

Mrs. Allen talks about her planned changes for student council

Victor Rangel, Staff Writer

Since the new school year has started, an upcoming event for student council is approaching, homecoming. This leaves many questioning some of the new changes in the student council’s decision making. With former student council advisor retiring, Mrs. Allen steps up and takes charge.

Frederick Scout: How has being student council advisor affected your year?

Mrs Allen: It can be overwhelming at times because you have to think of every student almost every day. We need to try and bring every student into having the experience of being in high school. It’s changed my school year so far and it feels really big.

FS: How have people been reacting to the changes you made in student council this year?

Mrs. A: The change is hard and all of us loved Cathy Zulaf so much; she was a mentor to the whole school. The changes could be scary. Adults don’t handle change well, [so] then it’s hard for students to handle change well because we are supposed to model for our students. The changes are good but it’s hard for any group to adjust to change.

FS: What is your philosophy for student council this year?

Mrs. A: the students created student councils why. We are here to demonstrate reliable leadership by spreading school spirit and providing fun events that makes all students feel welcome, included, and connected with each other because FHS is a family.

Overall, Mrs Allen and members of student council has a lot to come for FHS. Even with change they take care of what needs to be don’t to make this a better school.