How to Prep for the Rowdy Crowd!

Victor Rangel and Carson Balman share their tips for prepping for the rowdy crowd.

Taylor Dunlap, Staff Writer

Frederick High School students gather every Friday to support their football team. While they all go to cheer on the team, it’s also crucial to make it fun for students to come to the games, which is why the rowdy crowd is so important. Victor Rangel and Carson Balman, two of the rowdy crowds leaders, shared with The Scout on how to prepare for football games.


Victor loves prepping and leading the rowdy crowd. It’s fun and supports the school. The first step is to buy the necessary items for the theme that week. For example, the last two themes at Frederick were camouflage and neon. The leaders also meet at one of their houses to make posters to fit the theme of the game, as well as to gain the attention of the opposing team. They even have a whiteboard and dry erase markers to write down the chants. This is very helpful so everyone can be included, whether they’re in the back and can’t hear, or if they don’t know which ones to do. Victors’ personal favorite part of the rowdy crowd is yelling the chants at the other team.

Carson enjoys being a rowdy crowd leader because it’s a good way for the students to come together and do something fun. They encourage all Frederick students to come and support because when there’s more people in the crowd, it’s a better experience for everyone there. Her tips for ramping up the rowdy crowd is getting as dressed up as one can for the theme. Carson shared that they usually meet up with some friends and go to Party City to get all of the props. Carson loves being a part of the rowdy crowd because it brings the students together in a way where they can all show school pride.

While Victor and Carson make a huge contribution to the Frederick rowdy crowd, it wouldn’t be possible without all of the other students! With these tips from the best leaders, everyone should know the best ways to prep for the football games. Any support for our football team from the help of the rowdy crowd is greatly appreciated.

If you missed Frederick’s last game, come support them on Friday, September 27th, for their homecoming game!