Taylor Swift “Lover” or Hater

Taylor Swift’s new album is rumored not to be her best album and it has many alleged haters

Mackenzie Curtis, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has been around for a long time as we all know from her first album “Taylor Swift” which has conspiracy theories revolving around that album. Her next album, “Fearless” is what really made her big and a bunch of little girls love her. It made the pop star really popular and she has continued to write music for the past 10 years. Just recently,  she released her new album “Lover” which doesn’t even come close to her other albums. It turned many people off of Taylor Swift and personally I think it’s a miss. Throughout her 10 years of music her songs only revolved around her ex’s or her love life.

The new album is explained from many sources as annoying and unnecessary. Lyrics are repetitive and there is no solid beat to the songs.  A lot of her fans have turned away from her due to her recent albums. Personally, I think Swift’s new album was a complete and utter flop. We interviewed Cameron Steele to see how he felt about it.


Frederick Scout: What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new album?


Cameron Steele: I think it’s a major hit. A straight up banger


FS: Would you say that Taylor’s swift’s new album was her best?


CS: I would say it’s the best in a couple years. I definitely would recommend if you are into the very happy vibe.


FS: What’s one of your favorite songs on the new album or your least?


CS: I would have to say that I enjoy the song “Me” that features Brandon Urie.“Cruel Summer” it isn’t the best song. I’m not really a fan of the beat.


FS: Have you always liked Taylor swift


CS: When she started making her good hits, then yes I started liking her


Obviously, people’s opinions are different but try it out and let us know how you feel about the album.