What you need to know about “Stranger Things 4”

Strangers thing recap and introducing the newest season.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt like you’re living a normal life and all of a sudden your world turns upside down? Well the T.V. show Stranger Things does just that.

Originally aired on July 15, 2016. This T.V. show is about how four kids are very united but had experienced very supernatural things. There are four seasons that have been aired since 2016, each growing with the characters, as they grow with the years.

The kids had grown up in a small town named Hawkins in Indiana. Out of these four kids their friend Will, had been abducted by a demon-like monster called the Demogorgon.

In the previous seasons they have made new friends and met lots of new people. As the seasons kept going on these four kids had met a lot of people and had gotten even more united. The four kids are Will, Mike, Dustin, ands Lucas who are the bestest friends.  The adults or parents are Joyce (mother of Will), Jim (Father of Eleven), Jonathan, and many more, but these are the main characters.

As the seasons go on they meet Eleven, Max, Eddie and tons more characters that influence the plot and climax of the show. Each character is different in their own way and affect the plot line in various ways.

In the show some of them separated from each other and moved away. Things had gotten worse for these kids after they separated from each other.

Every season seems to have a villain or some sort of monster that has ruined each one of the main characters life. Although it impacts each character differently, their life’s had never been the same since the day they had met eleven or as she prefers El.

In the latest season Stranger Things 4 there has been a new villain in the story. Stranger Things 4 aired on May 27, 2022. The new plots and twists to this new season have been very interesting and surprising, as some of the characters had given up something valuable to save Hawkins.

In thew beginning of the season it recaps and catches you up on some of the things from the previous seasons. Throughout the season it will eventually get more interesting along the way.

In the new season there is a new villain introduced, “Vecna”. Vecna a monster with black skin and movable vines that go through his entire body. He lives in the Upside Down, a world that is basically Hawkins but is very dark, scary, and backwards. “Vecna” can psychically reach into the human world and will take many peoples lives through the season, causing the group of kids plus some help to reunite and take him down to save Hawkins.

After defeating “Vecna” Hawkins is back to safety for now. No one really knows what will happen next.

If you have time I recommend watching Stranger Things 4 or even all four seasons so you have enough knowledge to know what is happening through out the story.