The Super Truth About DC League of Super-Pets

This animated film takes a whole new spin on what DC movies can be!


All of the super pets unite together to get ready to take on every challenge they might face together.

Lane Albrecht, Staff Writer

Warner Bros. Pictures newest animated film release, DC League of Super-Pets has been very popular as of recent. It was released July 29, 2022 and since has been released on a few streaming platforms as well as being in theaters still.

This new take on the standard DC and superhero genre has a lot of people interested in the movie. The movie had a $90 million budget and has already grossed more than $161 million worldwide. DC League of Super-Pets features some very recognizable voice actors including Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The film is of course animated and targeted toward a younger audience, though it can be enjoyed by all ages.  

The movie opens to Superman’s iconic moment of being sent away from his home planet Krypton, as it was being destroyed.  He was sent to earth and his pet dog Krypto joined him for the journey. Once there the movie shows them grown up, as adults they are all each other have. Krypto and Superman make a very close friendship bond until one day Superman starts dating and Krypto feels betrayed. This sets up the plot for the rest of the movie quite while with the theme being Krypto having to overcome that selfish fear of losing his friend Superman. 

The first main fight scene is against the infamous Lex Luthor where Superman and Krypto team up with the other heroes of the Justice League, including The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyclone, and Batman. Lex Luthor believes that orange Kryptonite will give him powers but it doesn’t and actually gives pets powers. A guinea pig in an animal shelter realized this and got superpowers. The guinea pig is named Lulu and by taking Lex’s place becomes the super villain of this movie. 

Overall the movie was pretty good with some funny moments, but definitely not made with the intention of a teenager demographic being the people who enjoy it the most. In some parts of the film, however, it lacked storylines that could’ve been added to make it more engaging for the audience. One aspect that adds to that is how predictable the story is. At a lot of times you could guess exactly how the plot will play out which in turn makes the movie less interesting, you aren’t actively engaged and thinking about it. However this means from a kid’s perspective going to the theater with their family this film would be a great pick. It’s definitely not something that requires thinking or active engagement to watch and enjoy. 

One thing in the story that was portrayed really well in the limited 105 minute film was the relationship between Superman and Krypto. You could feel the betrayal and recovery of their friendship and how it advanced throughout the movie was very well done. The animation itself of the film was phenomenal, it was very crisp, smooth, well portrayed the intense fight scenes and the comedical moments too. The pets taking the place of the superheroes is definitely what makes the movie stand out. Over the last years all we see are the standard human superheroes so it was an interesting dynamic to see the animals take the places and be the heroes. 

If you enjoy DC films or generally humor based animated movies I think you will be very pleased with DC League of Super-Pets. It was a fairly well-made although a bit basic film and I would definitely recommend it!