Girls Volleyball Hits it Off

Nevaeh Espinoza

The first volleyball game has set some high expectations for the beginningof the season. The Frederick Volleyball team had their first game on Tuesday against Holy Family. The game was hosted at our home and more fans showed up as the game went on. The girls had worked all summer for this moment and were ready to bring it on.
Junior Varsity played the first game and unfortunately lost. These girls had done well and had worked hard during the game.
In the first few minutes both teams were close to each other following close behind in points. Holy Family 4 and Frederick 3. The game progressed with amazing blocks by Frederick and good hits from Holy Family. Near the end of the game JV had scored 13 points and Holy Family was able to get 21 points. Holy Family were getting ready to close off the game with the winning point. Holy Family serves the ball, it makes it over, the game point for Holy Family is on the line. The serve goes over the net and Frederick is just not able to hit it back over. The game ends with 25-19 with Frederick close.
“Even though the JV team had lots of good plays, there were times where it seemed like they got tired/out of breath” says Jazmin Rodriguez-Diaz a fan watching from the stands. The girls did work hard, played well, and it definitely took a lot of energy out of them. However, the girls still worked hard and kept close to Holy Family the whole game.

Varsity walked onto the court excited. They announced the names of the Frederick players and they were excited and jumpy. “We were very happy with how the hVarsity team played in the game against Holy Family” says coach Robison. Frederick started strong with the score 10-6. The game points had escalated fast for Frederick for the first half of the game. After halftime the girls kept the score at 13-9 for a while. With Holy Family close behind, Frederick won with 25-21. Holy Family had fought hard but Frederick just outmatched them. “They are a tough program and it was a great win for us and a hard fought match.  As a team, we passed, served very well, and had 37 kills in the match.” coach Robison says. And a shout out to the girls on the team, good job!