Malignant is a Thrilling and Polarizing Ride



The newest thriller film on HBO Max, Malignant keeps your mind racing with questions and ideas. Malignant starts the horror movie season off right.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

Creepy, mysterious, and weird are just three words to describe the new HBO Max thriller-horror film, Malignant. Malignant is about a woman who is being haunted by a killer who killed her husband. This movie has a huge twist at the end and keeps you thinking about the mystery of finding out who the killer really is. This film has its ups and downs with keeping the interest level and losing it a bit. But overall the movie keeps you on your toes that’s no doubt with wanting to know what’s next.

Malignant starts off by showing a doctor taping an intro for what seems like an experiment. Then all things go wrong and everyone from the hospital/laboratory is panicking and people are dying left and right. The main doctor and her main people who are helping her manage to catch what is killing all these people and the doctor finally says, “It’s time to cut the cancer out.”

Then it cuts to the film introducing the couple in their house where the woman Madison (Annabelle Wallis) is pregnant. She and her husband get into an argument and Madison’s husband ends up pushing and hitting Madison’s head into the wall very hard to where she started bleeding. Madison gets mad and locks herself in her room till nighttime. But eventually, she decided to go down and look for her husband but she finds him on the ground brutally murdered. Then from the shadows, the killer appears and attacks Madison. The cops come and Madison is in the hospital and eventually wakes and gets the news the baby wasn’t able to hold it through. She is broken and scared. 

The film moves along and gets very interesting. Madison returns home paranoid and very scared. Madison keeps catching her head bleeding from the same spot that hit the wall. Then, she is doing laundry and time seems to freeze when she falls into a vision of the killer himself. The killer looks just like a black silhouette with long hair and a black coat. This vision shows the killer killing a familiar face, the doctor from the beginning of the movie. Madison keeps having these visions of the killer killing people and goes to the cops who are still looking for the killer and tells them about the visions she’s been having. The cops don’t believe her, but she tells them about the vision she was having and proves them wrong when they show up to the spot and find someone murdered and they are sure it’s by the killer. From there on the movie just evolves itself and it keeps you guessing and wondering what will happen next. The plot twist is when the movie is just impossible to take your eyes from.

Overall, this film was great although it had its ups and downs, I believe that this film is a great horror and thriller to start off the fall season with. Malignant is rated R though because of all the blood and violence so if you’re squirmy or not into that then this movie is definitely not for you, but I really liked this movie and think that if you’re someone who loves the Halloween movie season this might just be the one to start the season.