Get Lost In Tyler The Creator’s New Album

Tyler The Creator’s newest ablum doesn’t seem to have hit the mark. What went wrong?


Tyler’s new album, Call Me If You Get Lost, was released back in June. His album was decent, but is a far cry from the quality of his previous work.

Alexis Otterbein, Staff Writer

Tyler The Creator seemed to be everywhere this summer. His latest album Call Me If You Get Lost debuted at number one on the Billboard chart in July and has earned 169,000 album-equivalent units. While this hour-long, 16- track album has a lot of variety, it isn’t his best work. Despite some amazing songs, the album as a whole has some weak spots and is not as revolutionary as his previous work.

Call Me If You Get The Lost has plenty of variety and meaning behind the songs. His most famous song “Sir Baudelaire” ranks number one. It wasn’t all that friendly as it had inappropriate language in it. The beat didn’t sit right with me—not that it was bad but it didn’t seem to go with the rhythm of the lyrics. The other song top song is “Corso.” In my opinion, it wasn’t bad, just average. I don’t have much to say about this song. The third most played song in his album is titled, “Lemonhead.”

I was surprised to see how many songs there were that I didn’t quite enjoy. One issue I had was that they all sounded the same. The lyrics have the same repeating rythym.

As we know through music taste is an opinion, and Tyler The Creator is now everywhere in the United States. With billboards showing his new album and his album having a secret meaning behind it that people are discovering. In the new album the last song “Safari” quotes “come get lost with me, man, come, come, come see the world/ when you, really get out there, call me, ill be there.” He doesn’t want someone to call him if you need help with an issue. But instead, have someone get lost in the world with him.

All in all Tyler’s new album is controversial, and it was neither bad nor good. A lot of people believe that Tyler’s albums are slowly getting worse or he’s slowly giving up on his music career. Let’s just hope that his next album can be better than before.