Apologies In Advance Concert Review

The first time experience to a live performance


Aron Navarrete-Jimenez and Alex Ontiveros meeting Khary Durgans at Apologies In Advance Tour concert in Denver.

Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Staff Writer

One of many dreams when it comes to anybody is the opportunity to meet one of their favorite bands, singers, artist, etc. Having the chance to see that person you look up to when you’re low or meeting that person you have always followed and supported has always been one of the deepest wishes in our subconsciousness. Although with many of these inspirationists being too busy or with us not having the money/opportunity at all to do so, it is a hope that we eventually bury, thinking that that wish will never come true.​

At the time right after middle school going into high school, I was one of these types of people when it came to such wishes. I knew well that I would never get the chance to see any of these people that I watch, listen or support in the current conditions I was in, so I didn’t try at all to do so.

Although, all of that changed as soon as I got hooked onto an artist that really inspired and related to me during freshman year when everything was very new and scary to me when he dropped his newest album. Soon after as two years had passed, I was given the chance to support such artist and help them in funding their tour that went all around the U.S. So, of course, I helped out, and soon enough everything he asked for was fulfilled and the day came when he would perform at Denver for the first time. I, of course, invited my friend along as we both headed into our first concert ever and our first time being able to meet with such one of my all-time favorite artists, Khary.

“It was the first concert I went to with my best friend in downtown Denver, so I didn’t really know what to expect,” explained Junior Alex Ontiveros, my friend who I invited to experience such wish with me. It was very weird indeed for both of us as we have never done something like this before and we had no idea what to expect. The tour that we went to, named Apologies In Advance Tour created by Sylvan LaCue. It, of course, was lead and started by Sylvan LaCue, an American hip-hop artist from Miami formerly known as Quest, with special guests artists Khary, Treazon, Michael Christmas and Grip, each all being hip-hop or rap artists. During their tour, they had a concert directly at Denver Colorado which Alex and I went to, having no idea or expectation of what it was like. To say the least, it was one of our greatest memories that we will never forget about.

As soon as everybody was there and the music started to flow, every single one of us began to dance and just enjoy the music, forgetting about everything else and just singing along. “It was one of the best times I’ve ever had with Aron. Watching and seeing the different artists play while singing to the music was just amazing, with each bringing in their own sets of vibes and tones,” exclaimed Alex as he thought back to the night. With everybody there just enjoying themselves, we were of course sort of tight and close together but we didn’t care. Each of us knew that we were there to enjoy ourselves and dance the night away to forget everything, so why did it even matter? We didn’t care about who we were dancing with or what they were doing there, we just went along with it.

The music itself was very different compared to each artist that went up, with some leaning to more of the hype music that would get everybody pumped like Treazon, to the more chill hip hop beats that got everybody in the mood with Sylvan, to ones like Khary that just hit every corner of our bodies to start singing and rapping along with him while we danced. It honestly was mostly a blur of memories of both Alex and I just doing whatever we felt like when the music came on. Although the best part that just made my year was meeting with most of these artists and talking to them on a one-to-one basis, more specifically with my number one inspirationist, Khary.

As I’ve been listening to his music for quite a while it was just so cool to be able to talk and just get to know him face to face instead of through his music. I was finally able to have that deep wish come true, hanging out with a person that has had a good amount of influence in who I am. I bet for sure it was weird for him as realizing how much you have influenced such people in your work must be odd, but he was totally accepting of it. In the end, Alex and I bought some merch and got his autograph signed onto his Intern Aquarium album cover and a selfie, with him giving me a hug thanking me for the support in helping him out with the tour. I got to say that that moment will never leave my mind, being able to finally meet one of my influences in life and actually getting to talk to him on a personal level. It is an experience that I recommend everybody to do whenever they have the chance to, as something like this mostly comes once at a time and will stay with you forever as a person.