Moxie Is All About Girl Power And Having A Voice



Moxie hit Netflix platforms hard and everyone seems to be loving the message and plot of the film.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

The new Moxie film that hit Netflix’s platform on March 3rd is very empowering and spoken out. The controversy between women’s rights and sexism is a topic that’s hard to cover without hate and criticism. But, the directors and filmmakers of Moxie seemed to pass along a great message to many out there including men, not just women. Not only does this film manage to cover sexism but it also covers bullying, humor, rape, and collective optimism. Although that seems like a lot to happen in a movie Moxie covered all subjects perfectly using the setting of high school. 

  The main character Vivian is a typical high school student with one really good friend and confusing home life. Vivian and her mom are very close as seen on screen and Vivian is always inspired by her mother’s passion and hard work. Starting at a new school means a new fresh start or so Vivian and her mom thought. In Vivian’s English class there is a new student Lucy. She finds herself being hit on by the school jocks, but as the day goes on she goes from being hit on to being bullied. Vivian tells her to just keep her head down but Lucy refuses and says, “I’m gonna keep my head up, high.” This inspires Vivian to take a stand before things get worse.

  With passion, Vivian tells her mom about everything that’s going on and asks what she would do and her mom simply says, “ Me and my friends protested about anything.” And with just that Vivian got to work. She created a magazine “Moxie” for all the women at her school calling out sexism. Vivian kept her identity of being the writer of Moxie a secret. But Moxie turned into a group of feminists of those who felt very impacted about it. With just one school day everyone was crazy about Moxie, even some of the boys. A lot of the girls felt empowered by each other and comforted and it caused an amazing vibe at the high school. The jocks and principal weren’t all too happy about them getting called out because of the sexism. From here on out, the film goes on to be all but disappointing. 

  This film was a great representation of gender discrimination and what many females have to go through on an everyday basis. It was a perfect example of what many adult and teen women have to face no matter what race they are but how they are discriminated against and put down in the century. Speaking out on a matter such as this is something that hasn’t happened much in the past. However, now that we’re in the 20th century it’s getting talked about more and more as well as getting shown more throughout shows, movies, and social media platforms. 

  Moxie was a very inspiring film. I think it showed a great light on what’s happening with women. The casting in this movie was on point, they played their characters perfectly and really brought the film to life. With such a hard topic to cover Moxie seemed to cover it perfectly and with the right amount of coverage on it. Moxie is an excellent film that everyone will love. The film holds a place still in the top ten on Netflix’s shows and movies to watch. This means that people are genuinely enjoying the film as much as I did. If your passionate about girl power or even just looking for an inspirational film to watch then Moxie is perfect for you.