This Year’s Basketball Season is Off to an Exciting Start

This year’s basketball season isn’t letting COVID restrictions stop them from playing an amazing game.


Rylan Cram

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Collin Thompson, staff writer

Both boys and girls basketball are very looked forward to sports at Frederick High School. Both students and parents enjoy going to watch their children, friends, and siblings play basketball. However, there at once was a point where it was believed that this year’s basketball season may never happen due to COVID restrictions. Luckily for players, they are still able to play with restrictions requiring players to wear masks when on and off the court. Unluckily for fans, COVID restrictions are also forbidding fans from attending games.   

For both girls and boys basketball, however, these restrictions don’t seem to be putting a damper on the fun they have while playing. We at the Scout spoke to Savanna Staff, a varsity starter for girls basketball. 

“I wish we could have fans, but I guess it’s ok that nobody is there. It’s less stressful for sure. Honestly, I’m just glad we even got to have a season.” Savanna Stated

The girl’s basketball season is also off to somewhat of a rough start. They are currently 0-2 with losses to both Northridge and Windsor. However, the girls think that things are looking up. 

“We did kinda get off to a bit of a tough start but we have ironed out some of the problems we were having and I think we can come out and win this Friday against Berthoud.” Savana Continued.

Boys basketball, on the other hand, kicked off the season with a great start. They are currently 2-1 with wins against Thornton and Northridge and a loss to Windsor. This start is also better than any start in recent memory, as our team has historically been one of the worst teams in our conference. The boys are also feeling really good about this hot start. Harry Singh, a varsity player for the boy’s basketball team said: 

 “I think we’re gonna do really good this season. We’re playing really good and I think we can keep doing that.” This is amazing and super nice to hear since the boy’s basketball team has been known to have struggled a little bit the last couple of years. 

Frederick High Schools JV teams are also doing fairly well with the boys team being at 1-1 with a win against Northridge and a loss to Windsor and the girl’s team also being at 1-1 with a loss to Windsor and a win against Northridge. 

One thing is for sure and that’s that this season appears to be promising an exciting season for fans and players. The boy’s team will hopefully continue hot and be able to pick up an additional win against Berthoud and the girls team will also hopefully pick up another win against Berthoud and use these wins to carry them throughout the rest of the season. Everyone is very excited to watch this basketball season play out for sure.