Top 5 Masks to Try While Exercising

Finding the perfect face mask to wear while exercising has been a huge challenge lately except for when it comes to these few masks.


George Murnock

George Murnock using the “Wapike Disposable Face Mask” at the gym.

George Murnock, staff writer

People who have an addiction to bike riding, a heart-racing run, or lifting weights know how uncomfortable it can be to wear a mask while exercising. As gyms start to open up all around the world we should still keep in mind that most of them are requiring you to wear a face mask. Scientific studies have proven that face masks slow the risk of COVID-19 as well as other illnesses. Lucky for you, we created a list of facial masks that will keep you both comfortable and safe at the same time.

1. Wapike Disposable Face Mask $11.99

These masks are the most standard ones that you are going to see walking around in public, but the cost of these mask bundles have been skyrocketing as of recent. Although from personal experience these masks are fantastic, they very rarely, if ever slip below your nose, they have great flexibility so you don’t feel like you’re trapped, but they also do a great job of not being too tight around your nose, if you’re looking for a new workout mask this one is definitely recommended.

 2. Masqd Ultra Sport Face Mask $27.00

These sporty looking masks are made out of 100% cotton lining with adjustable nose wiring as well as ear loops that might feel a little tight at first, but it’s definitely worth the extra pocket that stores additional filters. These masks also have a huge celebrity following, such as Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber.

3. Beyond Yoga Masks $25.00

These masks are made out of polyester-spandex which is a comfortable workout option, but they are also extremely flexible which is great for movement, additionally, they have been described by viewers as “So breathable and cool. The most comfortable mask I’ve used.” Lydia,

4. Lunair The Protector Face Mask $14.99

These masks are very well known for their advertisement of chemical-free antibacterial fabric. These masks are incredibly soft on human skin and feel very comfortable on your face. They are not as tight as some of the other options, but a low impact workout would be the most ideal for this mask.

5. Onzie Midnful Face Covering $24.00

The designs on these masks never seem to disappoint, you can get anything from neon palm trees to leopard print. These masks also have very stretchy ear loop material which makes for comfortable workout sessions. Although these masks do absorb a lot of moisture so if you’re an avid sweater, you might want to browse some of our other recommendations. However, with these trendy facial coverings, you can have an awesome workout in style.

Five different types of masks are all guaranteed to help you to feel safe and comfortable while working out. It’s a hard time right now and even harder to wear a mask while working out.  We understand and hope that these will help those struggling to find the perfect mask while they’re exercising. Keep trying to find the right one and possibly try these ones out as well. Each of them work in their own way but they also making working out with a mask so much easier and more comfortable too.