Do We Really Need Four PE Classes?

We shouldn’t have four mandatory PE classes to graduate


Darlene Strange

This is what your typical PE class looks like with the whole hybrid schedule going on. It looks a little lonely, so it begs the question of whether or not we need to be required to take four PE classes.

Darlene Strange, Editor

Everyone knows that we are required to take 4 PE classes but how come we need more PE classes then practical arts or even math classes. 


What do we even do in PE? Well to start off we have different units, actually the same units every class. The only difference is the class periods. However there is Iron works, game on, dance, and net and target, Iron works is a totally different class. This is the class where you lift weights so kinda different from game on and net and target. Another difference would be dance. Dance is kinda cool. You get to have a class that is basically just around learning different dances. Now these classes might be cool but do we really need 4 of them?


Personally I didn’t get put into any PE classes my freshman year meaning that I had to take all 4 classes within 3 years which is kinda hard when you’re trying to take classes that you’re actually interested in. Some students didn’t even get to take PE their freshman or sophomore year so they have to try and fit it in their schedule which makes it very hard. The worst part is you can’t graduate without taking those 4 classes.


Students barley even participate in PE. The amount of students that sit out or go to the bathroom for the entire class period is ridiculous. Yes there are the people that actually participate and yes I’m not saying to completely get rid of the class because I do believe we need to have fitness classes however i am saying that we need less classes to work on what truly matters.


So personally I think the school should only require you to take 2 PE classes so you can focus on other things to do. Focus on the bigger picture. I think the school should add a life class. A class where you actually learn about things that will help us. A class to learn about taxes, buying our first home, credit cards, how to buy a car, something that will help us past high school.