Wonder Woman 1984 Is Not Wondrous

Wonder Woman’s first film was a superior hit compared to the sequel that left fans disappointed.


Warner Bros

Diana stares at her reflection as she reminices memories from her passed and the lessons that she has learned In order to be the person she is today.

Elicia Ramu, Staff Writer

A flash of red, blue, and gold zooms past your eyes as you blink. You’re barely able to make out the shape of the object as it goes by. When you turn around you look to see a shelf about to fall on you. A gold lasso catches on to the shelf as someone pushes you to shelter, saving you from terror. When you regain yourself you look to see your savior only to see nobody. Who was it that saved you? That’s a question in itself. On December 25, 2020, a new movie hit HBO Max’s platform spreading news quicker than a wasps sting. Wonder Woman 1984 had finally been released leaving fans excited to see Gal Gadot return to her stellar role as Wonder Woman. The idea of seeing the movie was amazing until it wasn’t. 

What appeared to be a stellar film started great as fans sat and watched young Diana compete in a race back in her home (an island paradise known as Themyscira). The magic and the fun energy of this island was brought back to viewers’ lives bringing excitement and joy to fans as they anticipated the rest of a great movie. However, as the memory of young Diana faded, and the storyline had thickened the film in itself started to head south. 

A good idea turned sour as viewers watched a film in which you didn’t learn much about Diana but instead sat and witnessed a stone grant things that weren’t even possible including ultimate power that nearly destroyed the world. The impossible or unlikely things to occur in reality occurred forming a once inspirational Amazon warrior to change in ways that tore the movie apart. Between the difference in Diana’s character, the storyline, and confusing plot the movie led to a very disappointing film especially for fans like myself who were really looking forward to this sequel.

Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t bring the same joy and excitement that fans got to see, enjoy, and fall in love with like the first wonder woman brought to the table. It wasn’t as action-packed and it seemed to completely re-arrange Diana’s role as Wonder Woman. Most fans know Wonder Woman as an action-packed, fighting amazon warrior, who’s constantly looking for justice and never gives up no matter what. Nothing can get in her way and she never stops fighting. She’s an inspiration to many and is extremely powerful. In Wonder Woman 1984 however, Diana is a lot weaker than she was in the first film and at one point she almost seems like she’s ready to stop fighting and give up. She doesn’t appear to be herself making the film very upsetting to fans who love her. 

Add that to a film that appeared to be lacking a storyline and was very confusing and at times dense and the film just completely fell apart. 

The most disappointing thing about this film was that the first film taught us so much about Wonder Woman. It showed us who she was and how she came to be the person that she is today. However, in the second film, it seemed like you didn’t get to see the real Diana but more of a forged or fake version of her. The only time it seemed like viewers got to see the real Diana was at the very beginning of the film. Viewers didn’t get to really see or understand how Diana continued to grow and what would come next for her. It left fans off more disappointed and irritated than excited and content. It honestly felt like the producers had taken Wonder Woman’s character’s image, thrown it all away, and then tried to re-create it without any direction or help. Leading to a new, different, and disappointing new Diana/Wonder Woman. 

I won’t lie, Wonder Woman 1984 was a decent movie but I would not recommend it. After seeing the first film I was left with really high expectations that were not met at all in the second film. Many other fans appeared to feel the same way too. I love the cast and I love Wonder Woman but the second film did not make the cut and left fans feeling very upset and disappointed. It had a few laughs but it honestly felt more bland than tasteful.